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10 Best Travel Jobs in the World

Majority of us spend hours a day sitting in our office chairs. Unfortunately, only few are satisfied in their jobs. If you don’t like your job and feel stuck in life, then it’s time to make a change. Don’t let your current profession take years off of your life. Stop dreaming about a better life. Make the first step towards achieving your goals, especially if you are a travel enthusiast.

You see on the internet many people travel the world all the time. You wonder how they can afford all this. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean they are wealthy. Maybe, they are just lucky to have a job that pays them to travel and earn income while exploring the world.

I am sure you would love to live your dream and make money traveling abroad. So what are you waiting for? Be that person!!!

Here is the list of 10 best travel jobs in the world.

1. Flight Attendant

If you enjoy traveling, this is definitely one of the best choices you can make. Flight attendants get the chance to see some of the destinations they could only dream of before. So if you want to spend several days in exotic locations, make sure you apply for major airline companies that serve long haul destinations. Cabin crew also get good travel benefits like tickets and hotel discounts for themselves and their family members.

Are you considering changing your profession? Think about the best travel jobs in the world.


2. Cruise Ship Crew

Traveling the world while working on large cruise ships is a great opportunity to visit some pretty exotic destinations. There are plenty of job options for everyone. Cooks, fitness instructors, medical staff and beauty specialists are just some of the jobs available on luxury cruise ships. It is also a great way to save money, since food, accommodation and insurance are all covered.

One of the 10 best travel jobs in the world is to work on a cruise ship.


3. Photographer

Having a formal qualification is not what’s most important here. It is your great talent and good eye that are essential for this job. Travel and landscape photographers see some of the most beautiful parts of our planet. In order to start to earn for a living years and years of hard work are required. After that comes the next part, finding clients who would be willing to pay you for your work .

One of the 10 best travel jobs in the world is to work as a photographer.


4. Teaching English

For this position you will need a university degree and TEFL Certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). Good news is that English teachers are sought after around the world. The pay is good and accommodation and flights are almost always included. You will have the chance to mix with the locals and learn more about their culture. Also you don’t have to restrict yourself to English only. You can teach other languages too.

One of the 10 best travel jobs in the world is to work as an English teacher.


5. Au Pair

if you want to learn a language and experience a new culture, au pair is a perfect job choice for you. This job will not earn you a large amount of money. But you will be provided with food, stay and plenty of free time to explore the city. All you have to do is do some household chores and take care of the kids. Au pairs are needed all over the world. The work is often part time.

One of the 10 best travel jobs in the world is to work as an an pair.


6. Bartender

One of the best travel jobs in to world is a bartender. It is up to you to choose the country and the city you would like to work in. All you need is some prior experience and you can apply almost everywhere. It helps to speak the language, so maybe you should need to take couple of classes. Show some good manners, be polite and charming and the tips are guaranteed.

One of the 10 best travel jobs in the world is to work as a bartender.


7. Traveling Fitness Instructor

Another job that allows you to travel the world while making money is working as a freelance fitness instructor. You can teach Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics and Zumba dancing in your classes. If you have enough experience in your field, you can also provide services as a personal trainer. Instructors do not make a lot of money. However, they have the opportunity to teach in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

One of the 10 best travel jobs in the world is to work as a fitness instructor.


8. Computer Programmer

If you are a computer programmer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be stuck in your office. With your university degree, proper skills and good training you can do your job from almost any part of the world. You can either work for a company or try to start your own. That is the perfect way to promote your own products like iPhone apps for example.

To work as a computer programmer is one of the ten best travel jobs in the world.


9. Blogging / Vlogging (Video Work)

Blogging is definitely one of the best travel jobs. But it can take years of hard work before you start earning a substantial sum of money. You have many options to write about: travel, food, fashion and many more. You can also decide to make videos and become a popular YouTuber or produce quality marketing films for travel brands.

To work as a blogger is one of the ten best travel jobs in the world.


10. Professional Chef

Who doesn’t need a good chef today? From the famous restaurants to the biggest hotel chains you can work anywhere in the world. With good prior experience you can be a personal chef to some of the big shots. Or, even better work on a cruise ship and literally travel the world.

Being a professional chef is one of the best travel jobs in the world.


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