Today the list of UNESCO sites consists of more than 1,000 unique and spectacular places, and the list is getting longer each year. From the ancient ruins to the breathtaking ecosystems, there are many remarkable places worth visiting. They have a special value and deserve to be protected and preserved for the future generations.

The Pyramids of Egypt, the Grand Canyon or Canadian Rocky Mountain parks are just a small part of all majestic places around the world.

Here are 15 most amazing world heritage sites you need to discover.

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

It’s the largest coral reef in the world which is blessed with the breathtaking beauty. The reef is composed of over 3,000 individual systems and coral cays and is one of the most attractive destinations.

Most amazing world heritage sites, Great Barrier Reef in Greenland

2 Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland

The view on the glacier and enormous ice sculptures is spectacular, just like the roar of ice breaking. Make sure you get a window seat in an airplane during the next flight, because the sight is magnificent.

Most amazing world heritage sites , Ilulissat Iicefjord Greenland

3.Machu Picchu, Peru

One of the most intriguing destinations on the planet Machu Picchu in Peru is a 15th century Inca site, located 8,000 feet above sea level. It is believed to be a retreat for Incan rulers due to its isolation. As you climb your way through the Inca Trail, you will experience something magical.

most amazing world heritage sites machu picchu peru

4. Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands were among the first group of sites added to the World Heritage List in 1978. Located exactly where three ocean currents meet, the islands are famous for the unique animal species.

Most amazing world heritagesites, Galapagos Island Ecuador

5. Lakes of Ounianga in Chad

These 18 interconnected lakes in the Sahara Desert offer an exceptional beauty of landscape with striking colors and different sandstone formations.

Most amazing world heritage sites, -Ounianga lakes in Chad

6. Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

A multi-level system consisting of 16 lakes is a true wonder in this part of the Balkans. The lakes which spill into waterfalls and pools are surrounded by forests and the water varies from turquoise color to blue and green.

Most amazing world heritage sites, Plitvice lakes in Croatia

7. Socotra in Yemen

Socotra is known for unique plant life and zoological treasures. Many of the plants have a strange look, like the bottle tree that looks like a giant elephant leg with pink flowers on top of it.

Most amazing world heritage sites, Socotra in Yemen

8. Aldabra Atoll in Seychelles

A refuge for many endangered species, Aldabra Atoll is the largest raised coral atoll of its kind. It is the place with untouched nature and a home to the giant tortoise.

Most amazing world heritage sites, AldabraAtoll in Seychelles

9. Shirakami Sanchi in Japan

This region in Japan was officially added to the list of the most amazing world heritage sites in 1993. Siebold’s beech forests dominate the mountain range of Shirakami Sanchi.

Most amazing world heritage sites, Shirakami-Sanchi in Japan

10. Te Wahipounamu, South Island in New Zealand

Te Wahipounamu is located in the South West of New Zealand and include four national parks: Aoraki/Mt. Cook, Fiordland, Mt. Aspiring and Westland. The country’s highest mountain is part of this area, just like the largest glacier, tallest forests and deepest fjords and lakes.

Most amazing world heritage sites, Te Wahipounamu New Zealand

11. Jiuzhaigou in China

Jiuzhaigou National Park is famous for its outstanding beauty and magical landscapes. Forests, waterfalls, lakes, giant panda and snowy leopard will make you feel like Alice in wonderland.

Most amazing world heritage sites, Jiuzhaigo in China

12. Reunion Island

Reunion is a French island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. There are two volcanic peaks, one of which is still active. Apart from volcanoes, you can experience wild beauty of the island, dreamlike lagoons and green tropical forests.

Most amazing UNESCO sites, Reunion Island in France

13. Kluane/Wrangeli-St.Elias/Glacier Bay/Tatshenshini-Alsek in Canada (Alaska)

The home to the famous grizzly bears and Dall’s sheep, the Glacier Bay National Park is located between the border of Canada and the United States. Some of the most spectacular glaciers can be seen here, which is why the park is considered the largest non-polar ice-field in the world.

Most amazing UNESCO heritage sites, Glacier national park in Canada

14. Yellowstone National Park in the United States

This national park offers countless opportunities for the visitors. It Is also considered one of the greatest natural wonders. You will definitely make lifelong memories once you visit this incredible place.

Most amazing world heritage sites, Yellowstone National Park in the United States

15. Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina

If you have interest in the glacier activity, this is probably the place you should visit. The place enchant with the exceptional beauty of glacier lakes, especially Lake Argentino.

Most amazing UNESCO heritage sites, Los Glaciares in Argentina

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