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Adorable Photos from Baby Spa Perth

Baby spa Perth in Western Australia is a real sanctuary for babies.

Baby spa Perth offers high class baby massages and hydrotherapy service.

It’s a tough job being a new person and sometimes you just need to relax!!!

Baby spa Perth offers a unique experience to the youngest ones.

The facility is co-owned by two sisters Anita Yap and Kavita Kumar. It is the brainchild of Laura Sevenus who opened the first baby spa in the UK, but the first of its kind in Australia. Now all the Australian babies will have the opportunity to be pampered just like their British counterparts.

Baby spa Perth is the first Australian spa for newborns and six months old babies.

Your baby is perfectly safe in Baby spa Perth.

baby spa Perth has its own patented flotation device known as Bubby

The youngest clients, newborns to six months, can enjoy a unique experience including hydrotherapy and baby massages. Baby Spa Perth is the only place in the world with its own patented flotation device known as “Bubby.” The device allows the babies to float comfortably around in the bath tubs. With “Bubbies” around their necks, the babies have the absolute freedom of movement. Even more, they look super cute with them.


Baby spa Perth is a real sanctuary for babies.

Baby spa Perth allows parents to bond with their babies.

Mom, this massage feels so good!

Along with hydrotherapy, the youngest ones can enjoy massages in baby spa Perth.

Water-based environments are very safe and beneficial for babies. Floating in warm water puts babies completely at ease. It helps strengthen their muscles and coordination. Also, it has a positive effect on their circulatory and digestive systems. The sensation they feel while floating prepare babies for swimming lessons and walking.

The duration of the spa treatment is entirely up to the clients. Friends and family are allowed to come and watch their little angels having a fun time in the water.

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