Dominance, Power, Status! Things most people are usually attracted to. Those with superior character traits have always been among the most desirable people. Let’s find out whether your sign is on the list of the most dominant star signs.

The biggest alpha males and females of the Zodiac.Source

These are 3 biggest alpha males and females of the Zodiac:

The biggest alpha males and females of the Zodiac.


Male – Aries

An Aries is among the most dominant signs. He is always action-oriented and knows what he wants. Ambitious by nature, Aries will do anything to achieve his goals. He never gives up without a fight. On the contrary, he’ll find the solution to the problem, rather than just sitting on his hands. Their take-charge personality is what attracts women to them. Aries are just irresistible.



Male – Taurus

If you are a more submissive type of a woman, then Taurus is the perfect choice for you. Such women are in no way weak. They simply prefer a man who will take charge, a man with a strong personality. If your partner is Taurus, he will make you the happiest woman alive. He knows how to make a woman satisfied at all levels. What the opposite sex find most attractive about them is how much they radiate confidence and strength.

Male – Leo

Leo thinks the world revolves around him. He must be the center of everything. If someone steal their spotlight just for a moment, their ego-driven personality will be shaken. People say Leos suffer from the “all about me” syndrome. If they don’t learn how to handle it, that can be pretty tough for their partners. Leos like to have the best of everything. They never except anything that’s average. Leo is an all-or-nothing type of a person.

The biggest alpha males and females of the Zodiac.


Female – Taurus

Female Taurus is one of the most powerful signs of the Zodiac. She is almost perfect and can handle any situation. Her talent for business will never put her in a bad financial situation. She simply knows how to make money. Other than that, Taurus female is also a perfect wife to her husband. She makes his craziest fantasies come true, but also gives him an unconditional love. You will never get bored around Taurus female.

Female – Leo

Just like for male Leo, the same is with Lioness. Her superiority is evident at all levels. Other signs find their appearance a little bit intimidating at times. They exude confidence and dominance. If they know they are wrong, they will find ways to make you believe that what they do is totally right. They seek attention all the time. So dear boyfriends and husbands, make sure you shower them with gifts.

Female – Libra

Libra is the most graceful and charming female zodiac sign. She is very articulate and knows how to deal with any difficult situation. Their beauty, elegance and good taste attract men to them. They are aware how much a sophisticated look of a woman can help her in her career. It acts as a bonus to her strong character.

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