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10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe You Must Visit

There are many beautiful cities in Europe that is so hard to make a short list of them. Frankly, the list is endless. Or, imperfect by definition. There are exotic cities, or those influenced by classic Italian architecture, or cities ...

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Amazing Drone Footage of the Alps

We may be locked down in our home for some time, but we can still dream about the places we haven’t seen yet. Even more the videos of this kind are relaxing to watch. They can be a joyful distraction ...

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Hank the Newfoundland with the Craziest Hairdos

Meet Hank the Newfoundland dog with the craziest hairstyles.

Meet Hank the Newfoundland, one of the most photogenic dogs you have ever seen. You are bored and don’t know what to do during the lockdown. Well, be creative, think of something interesting to do or find a new hobby. ...

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10 Stunning Photos of Beautiful Budapest

With stunning architecture, spectacular views and a distinguished culture, Budapest definitely lives up to its stellar reputation. It is one of the most beautiful European cities, a city you will fall in love immediately. The city is literally divided in ...

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Making Nutrition and Mental Health a Priority

Nutrition and mental health must be our priority during the Covid 19 pandemic.

There is little doubt that this is a very challenging time for all of us. The ongoing pandemic affects every aspect of our lives. We are not sure how long the safety measures will stay in place, but they will ...

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Hilarious Toilet Paper Art

Toilet paper art is a fantastic hobby during quarantine. This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands. For the sake of your mental health do whatever makes you happy, whatever makes you laugh. It’s important ...

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Animals On The Streets During Coronavirus Quarantine

Nature can finally take a breath. If there is anything good that can come out of this situation it is a significant drop in air pollution levels. Images taken by the European Space Agency’s satellite Sentinel-5 show best how these measures ...

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Celebrity Donations During Pandemic

Celebrities decided to donate money to help those in need during pandemic.

In midst of one of the worst pandemic, many celebrities decided to donate money to help those in need. This is the time when we should practice social distancing and take all the extra precautions so as to protect our ...

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Meet Coco The Cutest Maltese Ever

With her button eyes Coco is a real beauty and probably the cutest Maltese ever.

This is Coco the cutest Maltese ever. She gets super cute when standing on her back feet with her paws up. She was taught this trick by her owner Katee Lauchner. Seems like she really enjoys every time she does ...

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Beautiful Italy Under Quarantine (Photos)

Beautiful Italy under quarantine seen in photos. This is how Italy looks today when the country is battling with one of the biggest epidemia of modern times

Once one of the most visited European destinations today looks like a ghost town. Due to the dramatic spread of Corona virus, the whole country is in complete lockdown. All the squares, restaurants, bars are absolutely deserted. Some say the ...

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