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10 Best Travel Jobs in the World

One of the 10 best travel jobs in the world is to work on a cruise ship.

Majority of us spend hours a day sitting in our office chairs. Unfortunately, only few are satisfied in their jobs. If you don’t like your job and feel stuck in life, then it’s time to make a change. Don’t let your current profession take ...

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Amazing Hidden Beach in Mexico

Hidden beach in Mexico, tucked below the surface of the island, provides a safe haven for romance.

Hidden beach in Mexico looks like something out of a fantasy novel. source Also known as the Playa del Amor, this secret beach is located in Las Marietas Islands. Formed by volcanic activity over thousands of years, today the islands are ...

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The Creepiest Side Of Your Zodiac Sign

Learn more about the creepiest side of your zodiac sign.

What astrology reveals about the creepiest side of your zodiac sign might scare you We all fantasize, but we rarely talk about it. It is because we are afraid of being judged. So, we keep our fantasies secret from everyone. Some people also refer to ...

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The Friendliest Quokka In The World

Meet the friendliest quokka in the world.

Meet The Friendliest Quokka In The World When a cute little quokka is after you asking for a good nice cuddle, it must be a wonderful experience. That is exactly what happened to 21-year-old Campbell Jones. He and his girlfriend ...

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World’s Top 10 Hotels With Rooftop Pools

Perivolas hotel in Greece is one of the world's best hotels with rooftop pools

Next time you are about to book a hotel for your upcoming trip, choose one with a rooftop. Taking a good night swim while your favorite cocktail is waiting for you will make your stay unforgettable. Pool parties are popular especially if they ...

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Shocking Video Of A Russian Model

The shocking video of a Russian model

Viki Odintcova, a 22 year old Russian model, performed one of the craziest stunts ever. She literally hanged from the top of Cayan Tower in Dubai. one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world (1,004 ft). Seems like she is ...

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20 Super Cute Sloth Photos

20 super cute sloth photos will put a smile on your face.

These sloths are probably the happiest sloths in the world. They are well taken care of sloths who sleep in warm and comfy beds. If you think you can cuddle only with your dog or cat, you are wrong. Sloths ...

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Great Barrier Reef has one of the ten best views in the world.

From natural wonders to equally spectacular cityscapes, there are thousands of breathtaking places just waiting to be enjoyed. Today your friends’ vacation photos or professional photography of the must-see places can be easily found on the web. But, seeing a stunning landscape in the flesh ...

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