You must admit that your loving pet can be at times a really bad dog.

Yes, they are all cute and playful, and we love them like any other member in the family, but dogs can be also frustrating as hell. No one likes to walk into a room after a hard day at work and see their best shoes all chewed up, or find their favorite book torn into pieces. Then you get so angry, you don’t know whether to yell, cry or laugh. One thing is certain, there’s no point in stressing over something you can no longer change. It would be best to give a bad dog a lesson the moment you catch him red-handed; otherwise, don’t bother.

Dear owners, teach your dogs to behave well and never forget to do that with lots of love and patience.

These are the naughtiest dogs and their crimes, but we will love them regardless.

1. Sorry mom, but I was really bored!

A bad dog that easily gets boredsource 

2. I’ve finally found some peace!

A bad dog finding its peace in the toiletsource

3. Ooops!!!

A bad dog pooping on the dashboardsource

4. I told you to open the door!!

A bad dog eating the door.source

5. Hey get off my lawn!

A bad dog showing the cat that he is a bosssource

6. Who’s the boss now? I can’t hear you!

Bad dogs trying to play with a puppysource

7. I was just looking for my bone!

A bad dog looking for his bone in the fridgesource

8. A bad dog welcoming his parents back home!

A bad dog welcoming his parents back homesource

9. I am so sorry!

A bad dog feeling ashamed for what he's donesource

10. You know you can’t hide your new shoes from me!

A bad dog chewing his owner's shoessource

11. Hey dude, you are sitting on my face!

A bad dog sitting on a babysource

12. Let’s see what’s on the menu!

A dog eating the meat from the tablesource

13. Best pillow ever!

Kitty is a good pillow to this dogsource

14. The face of pure guilt!

A bad dog making a mess in the housesource

15. Time for my bathroom brake!

A bad dog peeing on a laptopsource

16. I thought you would never come back, so I panicked!

A bad dog making a mess in the housesource

17. It’s getting comfy here!

A bad dog sitting on a cat like she's a couchsource

18. When I grow up I am gonna be an artist!

This dog is going to be an artistsource

19. I hope he is not going to fart!

A bad dog sitting on a girl's facesource

20. Westie and his digging habits!

An example of a bad dog with his digging habitssource



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