Find out what’s the best city to live based on your zodiac sign

We are all unique in our own way, we all have different personality traits which make us stand out from the crowd. The same may be said for each and every city in the world. If you believe in astrology and horoscope, It will not be difficult for you to choose the right city, which best corresponds to your needs and expectations.

According to your zodiac sign, we offer you a list of cities that will help you make the best choice and ultimately, make your life even more enjoyable.

So hurry up and go pack your bags!

Astrology and horoscope


Capricorns are true history and tradition lovers and always enjoy sightseeing medieval castles, visiting old museums and theatres. That’s why they should choose London or Edinburgh.

Best place to live based on  zodiac signs, London



If you are an Aquariuses, you will definitely choose some of the fast-paced cities surrounded by water. Sydney would be perfect for you, but you would also enjoy Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Berlin or Hong Kong

Best place to live based on zodiac signs, Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Pisces simply love water, so what better place than Venice in Italy for them to feel like they really belong there. Breathtaking azure blue water of the oceans is what  also stirs their hearts, which is why we recommend The Maldives, Cuba or Sardinia.

Best place to live based on  zodiac signs, The Maldives



Energetic Aries always seek adventure, and they should choose a city that never sleeps, a city full of excitement and wild nightlife. Does it sound familiar to you? Yes, you should choose New York or Las Vegas, because they would perfectly suit your character.

Best place to live based on zodiac signs, New York

New York


Those born under the sign of Taurus love nature and feel incredibly comfortable in the cities with plenty of parks and hiking trails. They are interested in exploring the Orient , so we suggest them to visit Istanbul, Cairo or Alexandria. They should also take into account cities like Los Angeles and Barcelona.

Best place to live based on zodiac signs, Istanbul



Just like Aries, you Geminis prefer cities such as New York, cities that will keep you constantly on the go. Beside Copenhagen, Stockholm or Milan, you can easily make a decision and choose one of the coastal cities – Cannes, Nice or Lido di Jesolo in Italy.

Best place to live based on zodiac signs, Stockholm



Those under the zodiac sign of Cancer enjoy peace and quiet of the cities in the water areas. They are true nature admirers, thus,  cities near oceans, lakes or rivers are  perfect choice for cancers. Geneva, Zurich, or Sydney would be ideal for them.

Best place to live based on zodiac signs, Geneva



Leos enjoy being in the limelight and are the biggest show-offs among all the horoscope signs. They would rather spend their time in an exclusive restaurant or party place surrounded by wealthy people, than choose a summer house in the middle of nowhere. Leos are attracted to glamour and extravagant lifestyle, which is why they should definitely live in cities such as Monte Carlo, Paris, Nice, New York or Las Vegas.

Best place to live based on zodiac signs, Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo


Detail-oriented Virgos like discipline and order wherever they are. They do enjoy urban environments, but they are more appreciative of wild, natural landscapes. Cracow (Krakow), Paris, Berlin or gorgeous Budapest would suit them equally.

Best place to live based on zodiac signs, Budapest



Rational and fair-minded Libras would easily assimilate in the cities such as Rome, Venice, Milan, Nice or Cannes.

Best place to live based on zodiac signs, Venice



Inquisitive, energetic, and adventurous Scorpios prefer cities with an active nightlife and spectacular sceneries near water. Gigantic skyscrapers or the Manhattan skyline would bring them equal excitement. They are attracted most to Sicily, Chicago, New York or Rio de Janeiro.

Best place to live based on zodiac signs, Chicago



They are the travelers among all zodiac signs. They would never be able to stay in one place for the rest of their lives. They like change and find it very hard to settle in one particular city or state. Cities that would perfectly fit their nomad personality are: Moscow, Montreal, Rome, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca or Barcelona.

Best place to live based on zodiac signs, Moscow








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