Over 5,000 people died and almost half a million are homeless after Nepal earthquake last Saturday.

One million children are in desperate need of help. These are startling numbers which indicate the scale of disaster. Unfortunately, death toll is expected to rise as rescue operations continue. The country is torn apart after 7.8 magnitude quake. It is the worst earthquake to have ravaged the country in decades.

If you are able and willing to help, you can donate money or other necessary sources to help the victims.

Remember that recovering from such a disaster takes years. If cameras leave, doesn’t mean it is all over. So keep donating and sending your help as long as you can.

There are just few things you should know before you start with your donations. Find out how you can best contribute to the relief effort.

There are many great International Charities. But, we suggest you to choose one of the local organizations, since they already have people on the ground. Check out Siva Foundation, or the Ama Foundation for a start.
The army is involved in rescue operations after Nepal earthquake.Source

Before you start donating money, check sites like Charity Navigator and Guide Star. They will help you see which organizations are the most efficient with their money. You want to make sure your donations go to the right place.

People plead for help after a massive Nepal earthquake. Source

In case you don’t have time to do a search, these are 7 already-vetted organizations:

AmeriCares – An emergency response and global health organization.

Care – A humanitarian organization that fights against global poverty.

Catholic Relief Services – A humanitarian agency within the Catholic Church with field office in Nepal.

DirectRelief – A non-profit organization, specialized in providing international medical assistance.

GlobalGiving – A charity fund-raising website, which collects funds for Nepal earthquake survivors.

International Relief Teams – A humanitarian organization specialized in disaster relief.

Save The Children – An international non-governmental organization dedicated to providing relief to children in developing countries.

7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal last Saturday.Source

Do not donate physical goods. It sounds good to send blankets, food or clothes to the hit areas. However, it is not really an effective way to help the victims. According to TIME, “Postal and delivery services may not be able to access disaster areas, and even when they can, there isn’t necessarily anyone on the other end who is able to distribute the goods. Charities that do have the resources and boots on the ground to effectively hand out material aid generally already have relationships with companies that provide bottled water and other necessities. ” Much better way to help the victims is to raise money.

A baby rescued after Nepal earthquake.Source

Be careful, there are lots of scammers who take advantage of your generosity. If you receive a call, or email asking for your help, request the name and address of the organization. You want to make sure it’s legitimate. That’s how you will avoid any potential fraud.

Humanitarian organizations raise money for the victims of Nepal earthquake.Source

Don’t forget about the animals, they are also the victims of Nepal earthquake.  If you are an animal lover and want to help the injured and displaced animals, check out Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust and Animal Nepal.

You can help animal victims of Nepal earthquake.Source

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