Do you believe that zodiac signs can help you learn more about other people’s sex life? If you do, find out how zodiac signs spice up their sex life.

Astrology reveals a lot about one’s sexuality and its love life. The topic is the most intriguing one, but interesting at the same time. Are you having enough sex? Is it up to your standard? Here’s some advice about how to choose the right partner and the best lover you’ve ever had. Learn more about the sexual habits of all zodiac signs and what to expect between the sheets.

Learn how zodiac signs spice up their sex life.


Aries are very dynamic and impulsive. They will take charge of the situation, because they like to lead and they may even get a little rough at times.

Adventurous behavior of the partner is what really turns them on. They would like them to be more dominant and take the initiative. Aries is bossy and likes to take charge, which is not that bad at all. But, be careful with the Ram and what you wish from him, because it is very likely that you will get the exact thing.


The Bull is never the first to fire up the atmosphere, he is more a passive zodiac sign, waiting for its partner to make the first step. With a touchy-feely character they will need a partner who will be careful and loving, but dominant at the same time.

They are also thought of as the old-fashion lovers, but it doesn’t mean they lack a sexual drive. A good way to bring some excitement is to take away one of their senses. Maybe try to blindfold your Bull and you’ll see the reaction


With a Gemini you will never experience the same thing twice. They are imaginative, dynamic, energetic and the most important thing is that they never say NO to anything. So, whether you want to lie down and let the Gemini do all the work or show your wish to dominate, they would be OK with it.

The Twins are very creative, so don’t worry you will never get bored with them. Feel free to experience new things, that’s how they will never lose interest in you. You will get the chance to fulfill your most erotic fantasies, without being judged or misunderstood.

Learn how zodiac signs spice up their sex life.


Cancers are very affectionate and sensitive and will do anything to make their partner feel good. They will first offer you an adequate foreplay and then bring you both physical and emotional satisfaction.

When everything is done they will never walk away. The cancers will stay with you and cuddle a little bit more.


Leo is the most narcissistic sign with the craziest fantasies. Trying a threesome, doing IT in front of a stranger, being filmed and especially doing it in public are just some of the outrageous things they wouldn’t have a problem with. Just like in nature, they are powerful and dominant in bed.  If you are up to it, if you would accept their fantasies and indulge them with the pleasure of being the person that rocks your world, you will never regret having the Lion by your side.


Always methodical, practical and perfect, the Virgos want everything like they imagined. They tend to be a little critical, so you must be very good at what you are doing.

Sometimes it is possible to catch a Virgo unprepared and surprise them with a “quickie”. It is quite possible to sweep them of their feet with that surprising action that forced them to forget their perfectionism. But once you set things on fire, you will get their full attention and meet the wild and passionate side of Virgo.

Learn how zodiac signs spice up their sex life.


Libras are affectionate and loving. If you are lucky enough to be “the chosen one “, you will probably be the happiest person in the world. They like all kinds of sexual playing, especially role-playing, but that doesn’t mean that their partner should just sit and wait. He must be involved and show some action.


There is something about this sign, something very powerful in terms of their sexual energy and drive. They are very dominant lovers, but are also very deep and emotional. So if you want to keep a Scorpio interested, please don’t take away their leadership. If you practice a missionary position very often, you two are done. You’d better try something out of the ordinary, and you will get the utmost pleasure. Once they find their soul mate, they will not pay attention to anyone else.


They like to play a lot, so it’s very difficult to make the Archer commit to a long-term relationship. Their biggest strength, being independent, is their greatest weakness at the same time. So they don’t have a problem with being alone, nor having a number of partners. Generally, they enjoy freedom a lot and will try to stay away from marriage as long as they can.

Learn how zodiac signs spice up their sex life.


Capricorns are the good ones and well behaved (someone would say boring). They are very reserved in the beginning and it takes some time  for them to open and go into action. The Goats strongly believe that sex and love go hand in hand.

After you win their trust and affection, they will be able to relax and that’s when the fun begins.


Expect the unexpected with the Aquarius. They are prone to trying and experimenting new things in bed. Maybe their best match is a Gemini, who will never say no to anything the Aquarius has to offer. To get some sexual satisfaction, they do not necessarily need to be in a relationship.


Pisces are nurturing and emotional people. They call it making love rather than having sex. They believe the best way to reach the climax is to let things go with the flow and be spontaneous . If you are as emotional as they are you will definitely enjoy their company, but if you are a kind of a “free bird” you should consider finding a new partner.




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