Just as every coin has flip sides, so do zodiac signs. No matter how hard we try to be always right, our negative side comes to the surface when we least expect it. No one’s perfect, that a fact. What we should do is learn how to find balance between the good and bad side of our personality.

These are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs.


What are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs? Aries

Positive Traits:

Courageous: Is there a braver sign than a Ram? Don’t think so.

Positive: The fact that they are positive all the time is what makes them so popular in social circles.

Versatile: Rams are capable of doing different things and can easily adapt to new situations.

Adventurous: They are fearless and always ready to take risks.

Passionate: Whatever they do, they show their passionate side and are completely devoted.

Lively: If you have an Aries around you, you will never be bored. They are super positive and extremely energetic.

Negative Traits:

Confrontational: Don’t mess with the Ram. You also have the feeling that they enjoy picking a fight.

Impulsive: What they usually lack is patience, so they tend to be very impulsive.

Arrogant: They think they know everything. At times they can get very insensitive of other people’s emotions.

Stubborn: This trait makes them almost impossible to deal with. If you have the Ram around you, you know what I’m talking about.

Indiscipline: They usually need someone to help them plan something for them. Rams are not really organized people.


What are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs? Taurus

Positive Traits:

Independent: Financially and emotionally.

Persistent: Bulls never give up. They try and try until they get what they want.

Patient: Complete opposite of the Rams.

Generous: If ever in need, a Taurus will always support you and help you no matter what.

Dependable: They are trustworthy people and their employers can always count on them.

Down-to-earth: Also polite and pleasant to talk to.

Negative Traits:

Stubborn: The Bull is the most stubborn zodiac sign of all. You just have to find a way to deal with them.

Materialistic: They care about their social status, which is why they tend to be materialistic.

Possessive: Possessiveness is their major negative trait. It often leads to extreme jealousy that can even cost them genuine relationships.

Lazy: Sometimes they wouldn’t even move a muscle until someone motivates them to do something.

Self-indulgent: Bulls think the world revolves around them. So, they can be really rude and ignorant of others’ emotions.


What are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs? Gemini

Positive Traits:

Witty and humorous: You just can’t resist their humorous side. They are true entertainers. You will never be bored around them.

Adjustable and flexible: Broad-minded Twins are very adjustable individuals. They can easily adopt to different types of people.

Soft-spoken: Their verbal skills are at a high level. Twins can sell you just about anything with their brilliant communication skills.

Versatile: Geminis are interested in a variety of subjects.

Intellectual: As born intellectuals, clever Gemini will always  state their opinions.

Enthusiastic: They have almost infectious enthusiasm about what they do, and are always full of life.

Negative Traits:

Lack Decision Making Ability: Whenever they have to make a decision, they are in two minds. Unfortunately, this trait costs them some lucrative opportunities in life.

Lack of Consistency: They hardly stay dedicated and focused on only one thing.

Anxious: Twins tend to bite off more than they can chew, which usually makes them very anxious and erratic.

Lack of Direction: They easily get bored with the things they are doing.

Superficial: Because of their inability to pay attention to details, people consider them superficial.


What are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs? Cancer

Positive Traits:

Emotional: Crabs are very emotional people who sympathize with others.

Faithful: They never expect anything in return for their faithfulness and generosity.

Loving and Protective: Crabs are highly protective of their loved ones and their personal belongings.

Creative: They have imaginative powers. They usually come up with some brilliant ideas.

Spontaneous: They mostly rely on their intuition when it comes to making important decisions.

Negative Traits:

Moody: Their mood swings can be overwhelming for the people around them.

Over-emotional: They are too emotional. But keeping everything inside them can really throw them off balance.

Pessimistic: Crabs are very much prone to pessimism, especially when they experience a failure.

Suspicious: Because of the imaginary fear, they have a tendency to doubt people’s intentions.

Clingy: This is their major trait. Crabs have problems letting go of things or people close to their hurt. For that reason, it is hard for them to move on.


These are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs. Leo

Positive Traits:

Straightforward: Beating around the bush is not their thing. They are totally honest and say what they really mean.

Energetic: Lions are ruled by Sun, and as such they have lots of energy. You can feel the positive vibes around Lions.

Loyal: Being loyal themselves, they expect others to be the same.

Optimistic: Failures and disappointments never put Lions off their goals. They always see the glass half-full.

Kind and Helpful: The least you can do is admire their kindness and helpful nature. Big-hearted Lions tend to shower you with love and affection.

Negative Traits:

Headstrong: Lions are extremely opinionated, and it takes a lot of work to make them change their mind.

Arrogant: As self-centered people, they can often be insensitive of other people’s emotions and hurt their feelings.

Egoistic: Because of their big but fragile Ego, they easily get hurt over trivial things. It can also prevent them from succeeding.

Dominating: Their dominating nature makes them want to control everything. But this doesn’t go down well with everyone.

Possessive: Not something they can brag about, but they can’t go against their nature.

Impatient: They want things done ASAP. “They want it all, they want it now.”


These are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs - Virgo.

Positive Traits:

Reliable and trustworthy: You can always trust a Virgo to do the job well. They always try their best and don’t allow their emotions affect them.

Practical: They don’t belong to the world of fantasy. On the contrary, Virgos are very much in touch with reality.

Meticulous: Beware of the watchful eyes of a Virgo. Nothing can escape them.

Intelligent: They are always ready to learn something new.

Analytical: Virgo’s analytical mind will provide you with deep analysis and solve even the most complicated problems.

Modest: You can rarely see them boast about their accomplishments.

Negative Traits:

Overcritical: They often tend to be overcritical of themselves and others. And that is because they always have a clear picture in their mind of how things should be done.

Judgemental: They can’t ignore faults or mistakes. Everything must be perfect for Virgos. Anything less than that is simply not acceptable.

Harsh: They are always realistic about things and never make them more attractive or pleasant than they really are. But, their harshness sometimes irritates other people.

Fussy: Virgos tend to get fussy about unimportant things.

Conservative: Before they accept anything new, they have to test the waters first.


These are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs - Libra


Positive Traits:

Balanced: Libra people never go to extremes.

Just: It’s all about justice when it comes to Libra. No cunning methods to get what they want, just fair play.

Romantic: Ruled by Venus, they show their extremely romantic side.

Charming: They are very kind and pleasing. People feel great in their company.

Tactful: This has nothing to do with being cunning. The Scales are just very good at getting things done.

Diplomatic: A true Libra always listens to different points of views.

Negative Traits:

Indecisive: They never know what’s best for them. It takes them lots of time to make a decision.

Detached: Though they can feel detached at times, they will never show it. A Libra would even pretend to be pleasant, just to please others.

Lazy: Lazy not in physical terms. They try to avoid any type of stress or emotional challenge.

Superficial: Sometimes the Scales forget about one’s inner beauty. All they see is the outside.

Unreliable: They change their mind very quickly. So you can never be sure whether they will keep the promise.


These are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs - Scorpio

Positive Traits:

Intuitive: Led by their instincts, Scorpio people can easily read other people’s minds. Dear Scorpios always trust your intuition!

Brave: Failure never discourages them. They will try their best to find a solution.

Ambitious: Wonder what motivates them? It’s money, power and position.

Focused: Don’t waste your time trying to divert them from their path. It’s useless.

Faithful: If they promise you something, they will always stand by you.

Balanced: Passionate about what they do, but never careless.

Negative Traits:

Jealous: They are very much prone to jealousy and possessiveness. It affects their life to a great extent.

Manipulative: Scorpios are dominant people. They have a knack for getting things done their way.

Secretive: They find it difficult to trust other people. So, they have a tendency to keep things for themselves.

Resentful: Be careful what you are saying to a Scorpio. If you hurt them, they will try to get even with you.


What are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs? Sagittarius

Positive Traits:

Large-hearted: They are considered as one of the most generous signs.

Straightforward: The Archers always speak truth, though they can be harsh at times.

Philosophical: They have a strong sense of right and wrong.

Intellectual: Always interested in various subjects. You’ll be impressed how intellectual they really are.

Negative Traits:

Inconsistent: They may be interested in various things and subjects, but this interest is very short-lived.

Careless: Their careless approach to life evokes criticism in other people.

Tactless: As we said, they can be brutally honest. However, that doesn’t always go well with others. They need to learn how to be more tactful.

Impatient: Their lack of patience makes them push things too far.

Over-confident: They truly believe they are always right.


What are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs? - Capricorn

Positive Traits:

Disciplined: Goats are always disciplined when it comes to achieving their goals.

Wise: Mature and sensible as they are, a Goat is the biggest advice-giver in the Zodiac.

Patient: They are absolutely aware of the fact that achieving goals takes time.

Practical: Their practical approach justifies their taking into account all the facts before making a decision.

Cautious: Cautious about stability and never impulsive.

Ambitious: A Goat always has big goals. They provide for their family and try their best to give them as much as they can.

Negative Traits:

Stubborn: They believe their beliefs and decisions are always good. So, it’s hard to make them change their mind.

Shy: They can communicate with anybody, but opens up only to the best friends.

Pessimistic: They have a pessimistic outlook on life. No matter how much they achieve, they think they could have done it better.

Self-centered: Their preoccupation with themselves, make other people think they are selfish.


What are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs? - Aquarius

Positive Traits:

Humanitarian: ” Heal the world and make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race.”

Friendly: Known for having lots of friends.

Creative: Monotony is not really their thing. Whatever they do they tend to be as creative as possible.

Loyal: If Aquarian people tell you they will do something, they will stick to their promise.

Independent: They prefer emotional and financial independence.

Intelligent: Always in search of some intellectual stimulation.

Negative Traits:


Unpredictable: Don’t set any rules of behaviour. An Aquarius won’t follow them.

Extremist: People think of them as extremists, because there is no middle path for them. All or nothing.

Aloof: From time to time they have a tendency to distance from the others.

Detached: Live and let live!!!

Stubborn: Known as good listeners, but they would rarely change their mind.


What are the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs? - Pisces

Positive Traits:

Imaginative: As very creative and imaginative people they usually come up with some out-of-the-box ideas.

Compassionate: They feel for other people and are always ready to help.

Sensitive: The Fish people are extremely sensitive. Any mistake or a failure affects them deeply.

Selfless: Unfortunately, their selfless deeds are not always recognized by others.

Kind: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Intuitive: They tend to rely on their intuition and instincts.

Negative Traits:

Over sensitive: They take everything to heart and make a mountain out of a molehill.

Lazy: They show their lazy side when it comes to things that do not matter to them.

Pessimistic: When things don’t go according to the plan, they quickly lose motivation.

Escapist: When things go wrong, they blame it on their bad luck and avoid dealing with the consequences.

Weak-willed: They have a low self-esteem and can easily get hurt and demoralized.

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