Snowboarding with the NYPD is one of the most popular blizzard videos.

Casey Neistat and Jesse Wellens, both YouTube video producers, decided to capture their snowboarding adventure on the streets of New York. They found a great team, armed with cameras, a GoPro and a drone and made one of the most popular post-blizzard videos.

“If you’re just a civilian out driving, you are subject to arrest, it’s as simple as that,” said New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. He warmed residents against being on the roads during the weekend blizzard.
Snowboarding with the NYPD is one of the coolest videos captured during the weekend blizzard in NYC.source

In the video, Casey and Jesse can be seen snowboarding around Manhattan. Carving up the snow-covered streets, they drew the attention of the apparently cheering fans along the way. At one point they were even pulled over by the police. But, even a police officer wasn’t so critical of their adventure. Quite the contrary, I think he liked it too.

“Someone complained about you, so we’re going to act like we’re talking to you,” said the officer. “You guys are awesome,” Neistat replied.

Hope you like one of the most viewed blizzard videos “Snowboarding With The NYPD.”

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