“Day to Night” collection of photos is the latest project of a well-known and widely recognized US photographer Stephen Wilkes. He creates unique images of major cities, capturing night and day into a single photograph.

The whole process of making such incredible photos is long and exhausting, but undoubtedly worthwhile. For each photograph Stephen spends 15 hours up in the air. He shoots from 1,000 to 1,400 individual photos that are later blended into one image. His first pictures are usually taken by daybreak. Then he starts collecting moments until he has enough material to tell the story of a single place.

The settings and locations are all prominent. However, the photos are also as much about who is in them as where they are taken. Stephen captures thousands of everyday routines, happening side by side and blend them in a single moment. The final result is amazing – you can see as they perfectly flow together. That’s what makes his work so intriguing.

Here’s a selection of Stephen Wilkes photography from his latest project “Day to Night”.

Times Square, NYC

Here's a selection of Stephen Wilkes photography from his latest project "Day to Night"

Gramercy Park, NYC

Stephen Wilkes Photography - Gramercy park in NYC

Central Park View from Essex House, New York

Stephen Wilkes Photography - Central Park in New York

Flatiron, New York

Stephen Wilkes Photography - Flatiron in New York

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Stephen Wilkes Photography - Serengeti National park in Tanzania

NYC Public Library

Stephen Wilkes Photography - NYC Public Library

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Stephen Wilkes Photography - Eiffel Tower in Paris

Millennium Park, Chicago

Stephen Wilkes chose Millennium park in Chicago for his project Day to Night.

Trafalgar Square, London

Stephen Wilkes Photography - Trafalgar Square in London

Park Avenue, NYC

Stephen Wilkes Photography - Park Avenue in NYC

Pudong, Shanghai

Stephen Wilkes Photography - Pudong in Shanghai

Sacre Coeur, Paris

Stephen Wilkes Photography - Sacre Coeur in Paris

Washington Square, NYC

Washington Square in NYC is one of the locations Stephen Wilkes chose for his latest project Day to Night.

Thames River, London

Stephen Wilkes Photography - Thames River in London

Coney Island

Coney Island taken by Stephen Wilkes

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