Interested in knowing what your Zodiac sign hates most?

Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be interested in astrology. The good thing about knowing what the signs hate is that you can learn something about a person you are interested in. Find out what are these few things that you should avoid with each sign of the Zodiac.


One of the things Aries hate most is probably when people don’t return their phone calls. They are always on time and want others to be as well. They not only hate when they have to wait for someone, but they also hate late trains and planes. Aries get nervous easily about the animals being caged or mistreated. Can’t stand the people who spend their lives twittering all the time and miss what is going on around them. If you want to keep an Aries as your friend, you’d better avoid beating around the bush. Be straightforward and get to the point.

These are the things that your zodiac sign hates most-Aries.


The big Taurus dislikes people who brag all the time. They hate being ignored in public, or when they are forced to speak in front of an audience. Mess and disorganization are definitely something that frustrates them a lot, just like the torn clothes. They can’t stand being the butt of every joke, or ridiculed for whatever the reason.

These are the things that your zodiac sign hates most-Taurus.


Indecisive Geminis hate people without a sense of humor. They are more into easy-going type of personality. They can’t stand uptight people, people who worry about everything. Whenever they can, they try to stay away from energy vampires. Not being the center of attention is something that can bring tension around. Almost as having to deal with people who talk or walk slowly.

These are the things that your zodiac sign hates most-Gemini.


You Cancers probably want to know about the things your zodiac sign hates most. You simply have a tough time when being criticized at any way. Cancers detest any type of violence, even in the movies. People who steal their spotlight or the ungrateful children is what makes them nervous as well.

These are the things that zodiac signs hate most-Cancer.


The self-centered Leos hate everyone that is better than them in any way. Whether you dress better, or drive better cars than they do, you will be on their “dislike list”. They feel upset when someone ignores them, or provokes them for some reason. Leos consider themselves very sensual and flirty people, so don’t tell them that you don’t agree on that.

These are the things that your zodiac sign hates most - Leo.


Delicate Virgos hate people that are messy or disorganized. You’d better not touch or move their stuff around, unless you have a good reason for it. They are always on time, you should be too. Virgos can’t stop wondering about why people make things look more complicated than they really are. Don’t be arrogant or cocky around Virgos, they really can’t stand overly self-assertive people.

These are the things that your zodiac sign hates most - Virgo.


Libras hate when they can’t listen to loud music, they are against any type of restrictions. If you are too hard on your kids, expect being criticized by them. If you ask them for a favor, make sure you give favors in return. People who do drugs are something they will never have understanding for. Animal cruelty is also on the list of things their zodiac sign hates most.

These are the things that your zodiac sign hates most - Libra.


Maybe it is not that big of a deal, but Scorpios lose their mind when people who borrow small things, never return them. If you ask for their opinion, don’t get too sensitive about the answer. Whenever they can, they try to avoid poor and dull communication. Scorpios dislike negative and pessimistic people. Never accuse them of being unfaithful, unless you have a proof.

These are the things that your zodiac sign hates most - Scorpio.


When someone is late and when they have to wait for someone is what makes the Sagittarius angry. They enjoy flying first class, so they hate when they are not. What they really can’t stand are people who never accept that they are wrong about something. They don’t like people who complain too much about trivial things and people who are afraid to take risks. Never control the Sagittarius, you will definitely regret.

These are the things that your zodiac sign hates most - Sagittarius.



Capricorns can’t stand people who are throwing money around and people who ask for loans very often. You should never take Capricorns for granted, they hate that. They get nervous when people have negative attitude towards different things and people who are too judgmental. Never make a promise you can’t keep, that’s what irritates them most.

These are the things that your zodiac sign hates most - Capricorn.


They hate when people don’t give them space to be alone. Try not to be arrogant and pushy around Aquarius, they will start to avoid you. Talking about the past and bringing up memories is something they get tense about. They live in the present, not the past. Aquarius is a dedicated friend and hates when his or her loyalty is questioned.

These are the things that your zodiac sign hates most - Aquarius.


Yes, Pisces are known as introverted people. People should avoid being too aggressive when telling them to face reality. Support them in their dreams, they really hate being discouraged. Delicate Pisces get upset when people walk away from arguments, it simply wastes their energy. Loosing things, laughing too loud, or drinking too much alcohol are also among the things their zodiac sign hates most.

These are the things that your zodiac sign hates most - Pisces.


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