People addicted to adrenaline, or so called thrill seekers, are always ready to do crazy and outrageous things. Things that we would never even think about.

Majority of people have innate fear of heights. However, some of the fears are developed throughout the life. You are probably familiar with the feeling of a sudden chill running down your spine. Or, a strange bubbling in your tummy caused by some sort of anxiety. This usually happens after looking down from the edge of a cliff, or a skyscraper.


Whereas many of us try to avoid facing extreme heights, there are people who seek such thrilling activities. We call them thrill seekers or adrenaline junkies. These adventurous spirits find pleasure and excitement in risky situations. They enjoy putting their lives on the line. Experts claim that the “high” they get from dangerous activities is similar to the “high” people get from various drugs.

We have collected 15 of the most death-defying photos, photos of true daredevils. Just looking at them will give you goose bumps.

1. Pedra Da Gavea Highline, Brazil

Overlooking the city of Rio De Janeiro, Brian Mosbaugh walks Pedra de Gavea highline.

Brian Mosbaugh is a famous thrill seekers.Source

2. A Railroad Track In Washington, USA

These love birds show no fear as they lie on the edge of a railroad track, inches away from falling into the abyss.

These love birds are true thrill seekers, they feel no fear.Source 

3. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, USA

Rock climber and a daredevil Alex Honnold sits on a ledge on the Northwest Face of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

Thrill seekers sitting on the edge of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in the USASource

4. Kjeragbolten, Rogaland, Norway

A man stands atop Kjeragbolten, on a boulder wedged in a mountain crevice. At the height of 3,228-ft the view must be a breathtaking one.

Thrill seekers standing atop Kjeragbolten in Norway.Source

5. The Fang, Vail, Colorado

Ice climber Sam Elias climbs the Fang, the 100 ft high ice pillar in Colorado.

Sam Elias is one of the famous thrill seekers who climbed the Fang ice pillars in Colorado. Source

6. The Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland are famous for having one of the most dangerous bike paths in the world.

Thrill seekers riding their bikes on one of the most dangerous bike paths in the world-cliff of Moher in IrelandSource

7. Campers On The Arctic Cliff

Camping out in tents and literally hanging off a 4,000 ft high cliff must be a normal thing for these thrill seekers.

Thrill seekers camp in tents hanging off a cliff.Source


8. Borovitskaya Tower, Moscow, Russia

A fearless daredevil Kiril Oreshkin stands on top of Borovitskaya Tower, at the height of 177 feet.

Thrill seekers stand on top of Borovitskaya tower in MoscowSource

9. Moab, Utah, USA

Emily Sukiennik slacklines across the jaw-dropping scenery of Moab in Utah.

Thrill seekers sackline across Moab in Utah.Source

10. Lower Mesa Falls, Idaho, USA

Kayakar Jesse Coombs plunges over the 65-foot-tall Lower Mesa Falls.

Thrill seekers and kayakers plunge over the Lower Mesa Falls in IdahoSource

11. Hiking Trail, Huashan Mount, China      READ MORE

Would you be brave enough and walk along one of the most terrifying plank paths in the world?!

Thrill seekers walking along the plank path in Huashan Mountain in ChinaSource

12. Roof Topper

Just looking at this man gives us chills. Is it really possible that someone can be that fearless?

Just looking at the man gives us chills.Source

13. Trolltunga, Norway

A woman does yoga poses on Trolltunga, a rock hanging out 2,300 feet above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Norway.

A woman does yoga poses on Trolltunga in Norway.Source

14. Haines, Alaska, USA

This is how a freeskier Dane Tudor gets his adrenaline rush.

Thrill seekers and freeskiers get their adrenaline rush, dropping into a line in haines in Alaska.Source

15. Extreme Kayak Challenge, The Victoria Falls

Luckily, these daredevil kayakers didn’t dare to go over the top.

Thrill seekers and kayakers didn't dare to go over the top of the Victoria Falls. Source

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