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Animals On The Streets During Coronavirus Quarantine

Nature can finally take a breath. If there is anything good that can come out of this situation it is a significant drop in air pollution levels. Images taken by the European Space Agency’s satellite Sentinel-5 show best how these measures may help our planet in the long run.

There is a significant drop in air pollution levels.

In countries which are in complete lockdown, people report seeing animals on the streets. Due to human absence, animals roam freely in some cities in Italy, Thailand and Japan. On social media people share videos and photos showing deer, sheep, horses and even wild boars walking around.

Despite the seriousness of the situation people are amused by these unusual guests. But the sad thing is they are only in search of food. This is not something we are used to, which explains why some people are in complete shock.

Animals on the streets during Coronavirus quarantine

Deer from the local park in city of Nara in Japan

Animals on the streets during corona virus quarantine.
People reported seeing deer on the deserted streets in city of Nara.
People see deer roaming freely in the city of Nara.
Animals on the streets of Japan during Covid 19 quarantine.
Deer on the streets of Japan

Image credits: okadennis

Wild boars roaming the streets in Sassari, the second-largest town of Sardinia

Hungry wild boars roam the streets freely in search of food.
Wild boars are out in search of food.

Image source: taylorswift

Another Italian reported another animal on the loose: “In my hometown, a random horse appears”

A random horse roaming the empty streets in Italy during coronavirus quarantine.

Image source: dopo-magari-lo-cambio

Along with other animals, people could see sheep walking around the streets.

Image source: bi-until-theday-idie

There are no tourists to throw coins into the Trevi fountain. Ducks can finally take a rest.

Ducks in the Trevi Fountain in Rome.


As more countries adopt strict measures for quarantine, there will be more of these kind of photos for sure. And remember, be kind to one another and help everyone in need if you can.

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