Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign.

To live a healthy lifestyle requires serious commitment. Regular exercise is just a part of that process. It boosts your confidence and improves your well-being. Astrology can give you insight into your basic nature, tell you about your likes and dislikes. But, it can also tell you about the exercise routines that work best for you. Knowing your PERSONALITY TRAITS will help you choose the most suitable fitness regimen that you will stick to.


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign.


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Aries should try fast-paced sports.

Cardio workout is best for Aries people. It helps you release tension and reduce stress. If you compete with an Aries, we wish you all the luck. You are born to be the first in everything. As very active people, you are always on the move. But too much routine can send you into boredom. So keep it interesting! You should try fast-paced sports like football, basketball or tennis. If you feel like doing something by yourself rather than in a group, maybe you should consider roller blading or rock climbing. It is important that you vary your exercise schedule with different activities. Just be patient and don’t give up if you don’t see the immediate results. Be dedicated and persistent!

Confidence Secret: Fake it ’till you make it!


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Taurus should choose yoga, light jogging, golf or dancing.

Bulls are not into high-intensity sports. Your calm and steady nature make you prefer a relaxed and comfortable workout routine. Super competitive sports will only drain your energy. Taurus people love the outdoors. That’s why you should choose something that will take you outside. Nature motivates you. So practicing yoga in the open air or riding a bike in a park would be perfect for you. Light jogging, dancing, working with a medicine ball or golf would be also a great choice. We suggest you to listen to music while you exercise. It will keep you in a Zen-like mental state. As homebodies, exercise videos will also work for the Bulls.

Confidence Secret: Spending more time in nature affects both your mental and physical state.


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Geminis should choose volleyball, hockey, basketball, badminton or roller blading.

Your chaotic energy gives you a hard time sticking to one thing. It is almost impossible that a Gemini will maintain a regular routine. You must avoid boredom and a routine. Your exercise regimen must be different every week. For example, one week you can do something by yourself like swimming, gymnastics or roller blading. Group sports like volleyball, basketball, badminton or hockey are more enjoyable and keep you motivated. Whatever you choose, make sure you maintain a steady workout regimen and do it on a regular basis.

Confidence Secret: Never get in a rut, always explore new things.


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. cancers are natural in the water.

Being a water sign, it’s no surprise that a Crab is a natural in the water. Whether you choose swimming by yourself or playing a water sport with your friends, it will help you relax and soothe your nerves. Interacting with others and being part of a team appeal to you. Crabs also enjoy spending time at home with the family and friends. So working with a medicine ball, light weights or a stretch band would be a good choice for you. You always work best when you have a regular scheduled program.

Confidence Secret: Whenever you feel tense, a few mind and body exercises  you can do at home will balance your energy and put you back on the right track.


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Leos enjoy attention so working out in the gym is a perfect choice for them.

You are all about showing off and being the center of attention. So working out in the gym would be the best choice for you. No sign is more obsessed with getting the compliments than a Leo. So physical appearance is very important for people under this sign. You work hard to look striking ans stunning all the time. Lions enjoy working out in the crowds, and exercising in public is what appeals greatly to you. Just try to avoid watching yourself in the mirror too much. Lions would rather be their own personal trainers, than let someone else tell them what to do. High-impact exercises such as advanced aerobics, intense pilates or kickboxing would help you stay fit and fabulous.

Confidence Secret: You are a born leader. So take control and create your own program.


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Virgos enjoy most in the balanced movements in Pilates and yoga.

With so many types of exercises, it is sometimes difficult for a Virgo to choose the best workout routine. Just as anything else has to be perfect, so is your exercise regimen. You should try different things and see what feels good and gives the best results. The only way to stay on track is to record your daily activities. You must make your workout part of your daily or weekly routine. It must be scheduled: otherwise, it won’t work for you. To slow your brain noise, you should turn to balanced movements of Pilates, yoga and any type of meditation. To bring some fun into your workout routine, try bowling or ping pong. Virgos love to be outside, so avoiding a smelly gym would be a good idea. Long-distance running and getting into marathons can also be a good option for you.

Confidence Secret: Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Set your goals, stick to them and don’t let yourself down.


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Libras enjoy aerobics, Zumba and any type of dancing.

Libras are all about the balance. Neither low-impact routines, nor high-intensity moves are good for you. You want something in the middle; something that will make your heart race, but not too exhausting. Being a social butterfly, you will do better if you work out in a group. That’s the only way to stick to your regimen. Anything that has a social slant, like aerobics or Zumba dancing will make your workout fun and interesting. You love food. Having that in mind, you should design a program that will help you stay in shape, but also let you enjoy some of your favorite food every once in a while. Otherwise, you won’t stick to the regimen.

Confidence Secret: Find yourself a workout buddy and you will get better results. Just be careful, don’t get so carried away chatting and socializing with others so you forget about working out.


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Scorpios like running running  in the gym.

Scorpios are mysterious and secretive people. You tend to keep things locked inside, which affects your stress level. For that reason, you need exercise that will relieve tension. Any form of strenuous or extreme activity suits your personality. Try boxing, martial arts or rock climbing, activities that will work every inch of your body and help you clear your mind. Your great stamina allows you to jump on a treadmill for a long distance run, or even sign up for a marathon. Scorpios never do things halfway. You will grunt and sweat, but eventually get to the finish line. You are able to accomplish anything you set your mind to, especially if the end result implies looking drop dead gorgeous.

Confidence Secret: Keep your mind as healthy and fit as your body. And always focus on what you have achieved, not what you have missed.


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Archers are adventurers and enjoy activities in nature.

Archers are travelers and adventurers. You can’t sit still and you are always on the go, which serves you well in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Because you enjoy traveling and love the outdoors, you should spend time in nature as much as possible. Walking and exploring would be a good exercise for you. You should try mountain climbing, rafting, horseback riding or hiking in the woods. Skiing and biking are also good options for the Archer. You enjoy trying new things, which makes your routine always fresh and interesting.

Confidence Secret: Believe in yourself and that you can achieve anything, and it will happen!


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Capricorns enjoy jogging a lot.

Capricorns are very ambitious and hard-working people. You are so driven in your career that you sometimes forget to make time to work out. Your fitness regimen must fit into your schedule, otherwise, you will never stick to it. You should have your own trainer, join a gym and schedule in classes. Finding a gym that is open 24 hours would be a great option for you. Once you finish with your work, just head to the nearest gym and release the stress. You have the ability to listen to your body. You know exactly what works best for you. Jogging, cycling and walking would suit you as well.

Confidence Secret: Set your goals and work hard. Once you set your mind towards achieving your goals, the rest is easy.


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Martial arts is a good option for Aquarius people.

You are always open to new things, even when it comes to trying out new exercise techniques. You are not so much into conventional methods of training. If there’s a new type of workout on the internet, you will be the first to give it a go. You should try martial arts, gymnastics or diving. You hate having a routine and doing the same thing every day. Aquarius people always think about new ideas and ways of keeping themselves fit and healthy. Skydiving, dancing and anything that allows freedom of movement are also good for you.

Confidence Secret: The more you know about what effect the exercise has on your body, the more inspired you are.


Find out what workouts are best for your zodiac sign. Pisces love to dance.

You tend to feel discouraged at times and forget to take care of your body. Being a Fish, you are prone to daydreaming; you would rather sit and fantasize about different things than be up and active. You are not very sporty. That explains why you always avoid strenuous activities and anything that pushes you to the point of pain. Figure skating, ballet, yoga, Pilates or dancing are great options for Pisces people. As a water sign, you are also drawn to water sports like surfing, swimming, water polo and water aerobics. Because you tend to take on other peoples’ stress, you need something to release the tension. Water, as your natural habitat will make all the problems go away.

Confidence Secret: Always follow your intuition! Your body will tell you what is right for you.

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