What are 10 worst questions to ask a flight attendant?

What are the worst questions to ask a flight attendant?

Traveling by plane can be a really nice experience. Watching beautiful landscapes from above, from totally different perspective is pretty amazing. We soon realize that the world we live in is a wonderful place.

That explains why we usually think of flight attendants as lucky ones, because they get the chance to travel the whole world. They are extremely kind and polite and always have a smile on their faces. Seems like there is nothing that can irritate them or even send them off the rails.

Even though it is their job to keep all the passengers satisfied and happy, sometimes it can be a hard job to meet all their needs.

Find out what are the worst questions to ask a flight attendant. Luckily they never share their real thoughts with us. The answers below are written just for fun.

1. “What are we flying over?”

Sir, there’s a map just in front of you.

What are the worst questions to ask a flight attendant?source

2. “Why can’t I use the first-class bathroom?”

Well, maybe because if we let anyone use it, it would no longer be the first-class.

3. “Why are we delayed?”

Sorry, but no one could have planned the storm. Just look out the window-there’s the answer.

4. “Do the pilots know how to land this thing?”

You are kidding me right?! No, we just dressed the gate guards up like pilots.


5. “Why do I have to check my bag?”

Probably because you would try to put all your stuff into the overhead bin, and there is not much space in there.

6. “When will the weather improve?”

Do you really think that there is a person that can actually give you the accurate information at the moment?

7. “Do you have any empty seats in business class or the first class I can sit in?”

Do you have enough money on your card to sit there? Then yes.

8. “Will you help me lift my begs?”

It’s impossible to put all your bags in, don’t you see that?! In the future check your begs and spend some extra money.

What are the worst questions to ask a flight attendant?source

9. “Are we going to be safe flying over the Atlantic?”

Today it is much safer to travel by plane than by car. So don’t you worry my friend, you’ll be just fine.

10. “Can you please tell the kid to stop crying?’

Could you tell yours? It is a child, so relax and have a little patience.


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