Ever wondered what is your Zodiac fashion style?

Having so many choices and trends that are meant to uniquely define you, it comes to no surprise that our zodiac sign defines our wardrobe. Having a friend that dresses in red? Well, she must be an Aries. That guy over there – dressed to kill, yeah he is a Scorpio for sure! So, if you are without an option what to wear today, let your zodiac guide you.


Zodiac fashion and your personal style- Ariessource

As their personality traits, Aries wants to be first in everything. First in battle and first in fashion. Never afraid to try out new things, as long as they complement your sense of fun and adventure. Frequent visitors to all fashion shows, where you’re known as favorite spending darling to all designers. If we could ever define who was responsible for the shoulder pads in the eighties, she or he would have been an Aries for sure. You are the fashion trendsetter, often dressed in black or red. You love shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics and have no fear in using them all. When it comes to makeup, you love dramatic eyes, with bright red lipstick.

Favorite designer label: Gucci

Star style to follow: Sarah Jessica Parker


Zodiac Fashion and your personal style-Taurussource

Let’s be honest here Taurus people, you’re a designer snob. Mainstream fashion is simply not your thing, and you won’t wear anything sold in stores. You have such an exquisite taste of fashion that you’re often your own designer. Having a dinner with royalty or going to the gym, you have the perfect choice of branded clothes for every occasion. Price is never an object of decision for you, because you deserve only the best. You believe that well-made clothes never go out of style, and that trends and fashion are not the most important part of your wardrobe.

For the Taurus your best feature is your neck, so use scarfs, necklaces and emeralds to show it off. Bright colors and flashy glamor can be left for other normal people — you will stick to your browns, beiges and khakis. With your impeccable sense of fashion, you are a sign that will always look good at any given occasion.

Favorite designer label: Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton

Star style to follow: Cate Blanchett


Zodiac fashion and your personal style, Geminisource

Life is an adventure for Gemini and your sense of style is dominated by your feelings. Your wardrobe is probably filled with clothes you never wore, and by opening your closet they seem to cascade all around you. But your wardrobe chaos is never a concern for you. You will decide what to wear depending on how you feel at the moment. Unlike Aries, you try to follow trends but you get bored so easily. So, your choices of fashion are not influenced by label or price only by the feeling they provide. Found the perfect cozy pair of sleepers – they’re yours regardless of the price or status they present. You love tank tops; they show off your toned arms. Favorite color is blue and you often choose denim; a fabric that represents the freedom of your life. If you actually manage to put on makeup in the morning, it’s probably very light; perhaps only lip gloss to emphasize your natural shine. Clothing that is too constricting is a big NO in your fashion book. Experimental Gemini is willing to try anything once, but never remain in one style for a whole season. Your hair is usually fairly simple, with only twin braids to bring out your inner nature.

Favorite designer label: Alexander McQueen

Star style to follow: Angelina Jolie


Zodiac fashion and your personal style, Cancersource

Your clothes are your memories. You tend to wear the same clothes throughout the years because you treat them like friends. Everything that is comfortable and reminds you of the good times you had wearing them, is yours to keep for a lifetime. But you never forget to add an air of femininity in your style. Lace takes precedence over denim, and cargo pants are definitely out. The only things you spend notoriously on are lingerie, from sports bras to sultry nighties. A favorite outfit might be a long, flowing skirt with a V-neck sweater and a raincoat. On warm days, beachwear and wraps with sandals are a must.

You love long necklaces and pretty jewelry whereby pearls are a favorite, together with any shade of green. You don’t like makeup so much, because you hate the notion to keep reapplying it.

Favorite designer label: Ralph Lauren

Star style to follow: Liv Tyler


Zodiac fashion and your personal style - Leosource

It’s in your nature to think that you deserve and need the best. Being a Lion, you rule the world and therefore the priciest fashion items. Price tags and labels rule what you buy, and if the designer is not famous yet, you drop without the slightest hesitation. At public you can’t be seen in anything else then top quality. If latest trends demand high heels you would cut of your circulation but still wear them. At work you are a business suit god or goddess.

You are the only sign that can pull off wearing flashy, pricey jewelry. Everything gold is a must, but diamonds won’t be disrespected either. And let’s not forget you are the sign that is always dressed for success.

Favorite designer label: Versace

Star style to follow: Madonna


Zodiac fashion and your personal style - Virgosource

Here comes the Virgo, the minimalistic sign that obsesses over the care of her clothes. Virgos are the signs that iron their own clothes because nobody else can do such a delicate job like them. You choose clothes that last long and you are willing to pay the price for them. Traditionalists by style with simple and perfectly tailored taste. In the nights when you feel adventurous you will choose crop top to display your perfect belly. Your hair is mostly pulled up in a bun with no messy ends, and favorite colors are all earth tones. Never been a fan of jewelry.

Favorite designer label: Calvin Klein

Star style to follow: Cameron Diaz


Zodiac fashion and your personal style - Librasource

As in life you are always the best friend, so it comes as no surprise that you’re everyone’s favorite fashion buddy. Friends and family come to you during a fashion crisis, because you’re the mastermind in handling problems. Your wardrobe is a sight for poor eyes, so every morning for you is a choice gladly taken. Fashion takes all of your paychecks, and you have no regrets of so. Best fashion skill is the ability to spice up every classical look. Symmetry is something you live upon so you won’t be wearing an earring only on the left ear. Color of your choice is all shades of sapphire blue.

Favorite designer label: Giorgio Armani

Star style to follow: Gwyneth Paltrow



When it comes to Scorpio all styles lead to sexy and reinvention, meaning Scorpio will never be dull or conventional. The always provocative Scorpio will have ever changing fashion style – one day you will be sleek and in latest fashion trend and the next in something pink and romantic. Your fashion choices depend on your ulterior motives. If you are dressed in something short and sexy, you are probably looking for a hookup whereas a power suit lays your plan to score a high-level corporate job. When it comes to following fashion trends blindly, you prefer to stick to your own opinion and not be influenced by others.

In the case of jewelries you either wear to much or nothing at all. Your hair is always long and luscious. Colors define your extreme character so you tend to wear black or red.

Favorite designer label: Miu Miu

Star style to follow: Winona Ryder


Zodiac fashion and your personal style - Sagittariussource

This sign prefers the outdoors, therefore all fashion choices will be on the comfortable side. Clothes you choose depend on the materials, but natural fibers suits you best, and long skirts, ponchos and loose fitting jeans suit you perfectly. When it comes to special occasions you tend not to fit in the fancy crowd.

Sneakers, hiking boots or sandals are godsend for your feet and if not in option you will go barefoot. Makeup and jewelry are items you don’t bother with at all. Sagittarius men have no problem with scraggly beards, and a woman’s hair is something to turn into natural dreadlocks, shave off or throw back in a ponytail. Your colorful clothing causes smiles as you unassumingly go on your way.

Favorite designer label: None

Star style to follow: Katie Holmes


Zodiac fashion and your personal style - Capricornsource

Capricorns are more comfortable in business suits and no-nonsense heels than sweats and sandals. You want the best, but not expect to get it on your frugal budget. You have no shame in buying on discount. All your clothing is practical, and while it may not be the latest cut, it still looks good enough to let your business associates know you’re serious about your career. If the price is right, you’ll have your clothes tailored, as long as they retain timeless style.

When it comes to accessories you don’t save at all. Your jewelry is simple, but expensive. Your hair is not a big issue, as long as it’s short, attractive and can be styled in less than five minutes.

Favorite designer label: Donna Karan

Star style to follow: Christy Turlington


Zodiac fashion and your personal style - Aquariussource

When it comes to strange and exquisite taste look no further than Aquarius. Thrift stores make you happy and excited providing the unique style you strive for. You keep up with trends in your own way, by avoiding the new retro fashions and instead you find clothes from the original time being copied today. Among the mismatched, eclectic, daring clothes in your possession, there’s probably at least one gown or suit that is perfectly tailored, perfectly elegant and definitely expensive.

Ankles are your sign’s favorite body part, so start wearing them with strappy sandals and t-length skirts. Your hair is your trade mark— first you dyed it green to shock your parents, and later just kept changing the color to catch the attention of the rest of the world. The makeup you wear is bright, fun and completely cruelty-free, but if you don’t feel like it, though, you won’t wear any at all.

Favorite designer label: Anna Sui

Star style to follow: Christina Ricci



As the sign itself, you like to flow in and out of clothing with ease. At home while barefoot and in long, flowing skirts, you are at peace with the world around you when your clothing is comfortable to the point of nonexistence. Clothes are, for you a compromise to not go around naked. You’re flexible, though, and if you buy a power suit and wear it like you mean it, you’ll eventually grow into it. Once you get past the hang-up of having something on your feet, you’re prone to buying tons of shoes, so at least your toes can have some variety in their prison.

Belly chains, anklets and, especially, toe rings cast a fantastic glimmer over whatever you’re wearing. Hair that is long and tangled quickly becomes hair that is long and braided when the Fish needs a quick fix. When left in your natural state, you don’t give much thought to clothing.

Favorite designer label: Stella McCartney

Star style to follow: Drew Barrymore

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