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The Coolest Video Editing Effects by 2Venezolanos

Get ready for the coolest video editing effects by 2Venezolanos!

Doing push ups in the middle of the road, crazy right? But don’t worry they are not doing it for real.

The coolest video editing effects by 2Venezolanos.

Meet Alejandro Benzaquen and Kevin Lustgarten, also known as 2venezolanos. They have started making videos in 2015. And we must admit they are very good at it. They achieve impossible illusions by mixing videos of things that never go together in real life. These two guys from Venezuela are super talented. No, they are not magicians, they are experts at video editing. From turning a banana into crunchy chips and cigarettes to chocolate sticks, these guys have crazy video editing skills. The tricks they do are the coolest cam tricks you have ever seen.

If their goal was to show us that there is always something to smile about, we can say they achieved it.

Follow them on Instagram (@2venezolanos) to watch all of their videos.

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