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The Creepiest Side Of Your Zodiac Sign

What astrology reveals about the creepiest side of your zodiac sign might scare you

We all fantasize, but we rarely talk about it. It is because we are afraid of being judged. So, we keep our fantasies secret from everyone. Some people also refer to it as daydreaming, or imagining yourself in positive situations. If you find relief from stress and problems in a world of fantasy, there is nothing wrong about it. Escaping into your imagination is very healthy and a good coping strategy.

Brett Kahr, a British psychotherapist, suggests that without fantasies, our minds would be sterile, “bleak” places.

But things can get pretty complicated when we dive deep into our personality. Not always what we imagine in our heads is positive and pleasant. Sometimes, strange dark thoughts pop into our minds, revealing our dark side. We are not sure where exactly these scary fantasies come from.

Even if you’re not much interested in astrology, you would be surprise how accurate some things are.

Learn more about the creepiest side of your zodiac sign.

Find out about what the creepiest side of your zodiac sign is.source


You Aries have a slight obsession with death. Sounds scary right? It is rooted deep into your brain.You imagine different fatal situations and how you would react. For example, you wonder what would happen if you suddenly find yourself driving in the opposite direction. Kind of risky thing to do. And you think about the consequences of your actions.


Unlike Ram’s obsession which is pretty dark I must say, Bulls are real stalkers.You can spend hours on Instagram or any other social networks gathering information about your crush. Not a problem! You will look through all of their stuff, especially if your ex has been seen with someone else.


You are very good at persuading and lying. That is one of your worst sides. You make people believe every word you say. And you do it with so much ease they can hardly notice that you are actually lying to them. Sometimes you even do it to kill boredom.


You tend to get obsessive about different things, Even when you date someone, that person becomes everything to you. It is good to know that you mean the world to someone. But you wouldn’t like to be controlled by that person. Everyone needs some time alone once in a while.

What is the creepiest side of your zodiac sign?source


You have a little bit of a sick fantasy in your head. What you imagine is your own funeral. So spooky! But what you think about more is how would other people react. Who would be most torn apart by the fact you are gone. Does this scary fantasy really makes you feel important?


You are so sweet and innocent during the day. However, when the darkness hits, you turn to someone new. Here comes your kinky side. You start fantasizing about some bizarre things other people would never even think of, or would normally be ashamed of. You naughty Virgos!


If one wants to know what is the creepiest side of your zodiac sign, one should look into your Internet browsing history. If the government people would ever get ahold of your computer, they’d easily mistake you for a serial killer. You watch some pretty disturbing stuff Libras.


You are definitely one of the creepiest sign of the Zodiac. It’s almost like any situation can turn toxic in your creepy mind. These thoughts pop into your head at random. You never know when to expect them. Things like hurting someone on the spur of the moment can easily cross your mind. Of course, you would never do any of these things.

Learn more about the creepiest side of your zodiac sign.source


You can be cold and emotionless at times. Of course, this is not what people expect from you especially when you are about to deliver terrible news. Empathy and compassion definitely do not exist in your dictionary.


You watch too much crime and mystery TV shows. Sometimes you fantasize about committing a crime. Looks like you know everything about how to hide evidence and get away with murder. It is almost like you are putting yourself to the test. Yo want to know how smart you are and whether you would be able to get away with it. So creepy!


The creepiest side of your zodiac sign is that you fantasize about your loved ones’ funeral. You want to do your best to make the memorial service go well. As part of paying tribute to that person you often think about writing an emotional eulogy.


You think about natural disasters that could possibly happen in your city. Still, there is something positive about this. You picture yourself as a person who helps other people and saves lives. You are definitely my hero.

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