The honeymoon is probably the most important trip for newlyweds, the trip we have all been dreaming of. Choosing its location might be a little tricky, especially because there are so many great places to go and only one Honeymoon.

Even so, the idea of a perfect location may be different for everyone, we have chosen top honeymoon destinations on the planet to help you make the right choice.Remember, this trip is only about the two of you, celebrating your life together.

1. Tahiti

Tahiti is the biggest island of the French Polynesian archipelago, which consists of 118 islands. This island is like some poet would say, the paradise on Earth. It is located in the middle of the Pacific, and is one of the most secluded, peaceful and majestic places on our planet. The island has beautiful, warm, sandy beaches, a lush jungle and an amazing French cuisine to offer. Things that might be a little pricey, but totally worth it, that will guarantee you a lifetime experience.

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2. British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are the most secluded and least developed part of the Caribbean. That’s actually a good thing, because a lot of people are looking for solitude and peace, especially if they are on their honeymoon. I mean look at that beach, you can’t really ask for more than this.

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3. Santorini

People from all over the world are going to Santorini to make their dream holiday come true. And it really does. Sanotirini looks like it is a place which can be found only in a fairy tale. The beaches and the hot weather are the reasons to visit it, but also the architecture is a must-see. Its uniqueness make Santorini the destination for your honeymoon you and your life partner will never forget.

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4. Bali

Bali is the most beautiful Indonesian island and maybe the best place in the world. It offers fun and interesting things to do for everyone’s taste. You can sunbathe and swim, backpack to the active volcano or enjoy the luxurious spa treatments.

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5. Paris

Paris, the city of light and love is a perfect destination for two young people in love. There are not sandy beaches or active volcanoes, but the city will enchant you with its architecture and rich culture, its magnificent museums and theaters and its natural atmosphere.

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6. Thailand

Thailand and its overwhelming beauty will just take all your breaths away. Don’t have any second thoughts when it comes to this tropical and exotic place. It is a perfect getaway for anyone, especially for newlyweds. It is the best retreat after a big wedding where you can start celebrating your new life.

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7. Florence

For those who love history and are big fans of the arts, Florence is the perfect place to go. Its architecture will take you back in the 14th century and the beautiful landscapes will make your honeymoon the most romantic period of your entire life.

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8. Maui

It is the perfect spot to put the anchor down and create the most amazing memories. Maui is one of the Hawaiian islands and the right destination for true nature lovers. Playing golf or snorkeling in the blue sea are just some of the activities that you may find pleasure in. The only problem is that you could easily fall in love with the place and never return home.

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9. Maldives

Just imagine the best place for vacation, multiply it by million and you will get the Maldives. Either you choose a grand hotel or just a small luxurious hut you will be surrounded by indefinite and breathtaking beauty from all four sides. I am sure you would do anything to be the couple from the photo?

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10. Egypt

An out-of-the-ordinary destination, but as amazing and wonderful as the rest of what you have seen so far. In Egypt you will have the chance to enjoy sunny beaches, but you will be able to learn more about the ancient cultures, as well. Riding a camel along with your partner will definitely be a unique experience you’ll never forget.

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