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Zodiac Sign You Should Never Date

Find out which zodiac sign you should never date!

Finding your perfect match can be a tough job sometimes. Spotting a person’s issues is not always easy at first. Especially when they are pulling out all of their charms over a glass of wine.

Some relationships are meant to happen. Unfortunately, there are more of those destined to not work out. If you are having a wrong person by your side, dating can be a challenge. Find out which sign you should totally stay away if you don’t want any problems.

Zodiac Sign You Should Never Date…


Your worst match is Capricorn. Surprised? Well, don’t be. You are so different that your relationship would never work out. It is OK if you want to give it a try, but don’t get your hopes up. Unlike you, Capricorns like to play by rules. They have to have everything planned in advance. So, spontaneity is not really their thing. You can be often criticized for your “rules-are-meant-to-be-broken” lifestyle. Also, you don’t want a partner who is married to his/her job. It is perfectly fine to be ambitious and a goal achiever, but not at the cost of your relationship.

Aries people find out which zodiac sign you should never date. It's Capricorn!



You are definitely attracted to the charmers. However, they are the people who you least get along with. You need a stable person by your side, someone who will make all your wishes come true. In that case, zodiac sign you should never date is Gemini. They are always on the go and you will never have them all for yourself. Gemini would be too much for you to handle. You need someone who will give you the sense of comfort, not someone you will get so stressed about.


As an open person and a social butterfly, you could never be with someone reserved. You need a partner full of energy and life to match your personality. Our advice – Be careful with Scorpios! At first you may enjoy their seductive games and naughty texting throughout the day. But, their undeniable charm and manipulative abilities will knock you off your feet. While you wait to “see what will happen” you will quickly become the sub to their dom. So, if you are not ready for that scenario, make sure you exclude Scorpios from your love life.

Gemini people people find out which zodiac sign you should never date. It's Scorpio!


Stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time is good for you. So letting a wild Sagittarius come into your life is like bringing a fresh new change. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to keep up with them for so long. Their hectic social and travel schedule will eventually start to take its toll on your relationship. You crave intimacy and strong emotional connection. And Archer won’t understand why your longing for one-on-one time is so important to you. You will start questioning their feelings for you and become very anxious. Soon you will realize nobody deserves your tears.


Libra is not really a good match for you. They are too reserved for your taste. Their personality completely clashes with your exuberance and liveliness of you character. They radiate calmness for sure, but that will cease to thrill you after sometime. Seems like they possess no zeal or passion about anything they do. It is likely you would quickly become bored with them. You need someone with big personality, someone more daring and bolder than you.


You don’t need a person who can’t appreciate your refined taste. Everything has to be scheduled and done on time. There are no maybes when it comes to you. Dating someone who doesn’t know how to communicate with you in the right way is a total waste of time. You should never date a person who is unsure about love. Libra and Sagittarius are your worst match. Libra can hardly commit to a dinner plan, let alone to a serious relationship. They hate being rushed into anything. As for Sags, they are always on the go and you won’t be able to be with someone who is all over the place. With your being busy with your career and Archer’s constant traveling, you could hardly have time for each other. So it’s a No No for you!

Virgo people find out which zodiac sign you should never date. It's Libra and Sagittarius!


You like things to go smoothly. You don’t want to be rushed into anything. Though you may like a refined taste of a Virgo, in the long run it is not really a good choice for you. You would quickly become annoyed by their constant nagging and actions for self-improvement. Don’t ever date someone who questions your worth or makes you insecure. Virgo’s every move would seem aggressive to you over the time. You like your peace and harmony and hate when someone puts pressure on you for whatever reason. One more thing, you won’t be able to handle Virgo’s critical eye on you.


Your passionate nature doesn’t let you date someone passive. As opposed to Libra, you actually like the aggressive type. You demand fidelity in your relationship. When you are fully committed to a person, you become very assertive and controlling. In that case, Gemini is your absolutely worst match. You interpret their openness towards other people as flirtation. And that may turn you into a jealous lunatic. You shouldn’t date a person who doesn’t know how to deal with your character.


Crabs will never work for you, so you better keep them in the friend zone. The moment you feel the possessive side of your partner, it’s a red flag for you. You just can’t stand a partner who wants you all for himself. And there’s nothing in the world that can make you sacrifice your freedom for someone else. You can’t be with the clingy type because your personal space is too important to you. So overly affectionate Cancer will only be a turn-off for you.

Sagittarius people find out which zodiac sign you should never date. It's Cancer.


Zodiac sign you should never date is definitely Aries. To you people under this sign are people of action who move fast. You like stability, order and consistency. The indecisive side of their personality doesn’t mesh well with your nature. That can cause a huge barrier in your communication. There is another problem that may come out at any time. You both like to have things done your own way.


The expensive taste of a Taurus is to you beyond understanding. While they enjoy spending money on lavish things, you would rather be making a donation to some organization. Your humanitarian side doesn’t really fit the extravagant life of Taurus. These clashing values will ultimately kill the connection between you and your partner. You need someone who believes that everything you do is perfectly right, someone with the similar outlook on life.


You Pisces are sentimental, intuitive and emotional people. That’s why you can hardly get along with people who block all of that from you and show lack of empathy. You find it extremely hard to date people with big egos. For that reason, don’t even think about dating a Leo. Sometimes you may feel like they are so much in love with themselves that they can hardly see you as a couple. They think it’s is always about them. But, it’s not!

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