Find out about the hidden connections between zodiac signs and social media behavior.

What ‘s your  reaction when you see people post selfies on the internet? Or, when they check in a restaurant, or a bar with their buddies? Do you think it’s really necessary to follow them everywhere? Does it get on your nerves, or, you are totally OK with it?


Believe it or not, your social media behavior is reflective of your zodiac sign. Astrology affects different spheres of your life, and you are not even aware of it. Your personality traits are very much determined by your star sign.

Zodiac signs and social media behavior.


As one of the most self-centered signs, Aries are usually prone to Photoshopping, making sure they look perfect on the pictures. So, if you’ve just taken a photo with your Aries friend, let them see it first before you air it to the public. You don’t want them to be mad at you because you didn’t show them the photo first.


Taurus people usually post luxury places, items and exotic foods. That explains their materialistic side. Posting lyrics or some motivational speeches is kind of boring for them. They always expect some good comments on their posts. But being a sensitive sign, they can also erase any negative feedback.

Zodiac signs and social media behavior.


If you take a look at all of their posts on social media, you will think they are having the time of their lives. They never show sadness or dissatisfaction. But, they should also know that it’s OK to feel unhappy at times. Otherwise, people would think they live a fake reality.


People of the Cancer sign think social media networking is boring. They use it to connect with someone from their past, or someone they haven’t seen in years. They are definitely not the type who likes to boast about yet another purchase they made. Since their emotions tend to fluctuate, their posts are very contradictory. At one point, they will be full of joy and happiness, and then the complete opposite.

Zodiac signs and social media behavior.


Leos are all about attracting the attention of others. So, if you see a bunch of selfies on someone’s feeds, there’s a good chance that person is Leo. They will keep you updated with anything that goes on in their life. We can call them social media addicts. They have many friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So, whatever your post is about, you’ll get a “like” from Leo.


Virgos like to keep some things to themselves. And when they decide to go live with something, they have to make sure everything’s perfect. Virgos usually think a lot when deciding on captions and comments. Just like they analyze every detail on the photo, they do exactly the same with the words.

Zodiac signs and social media behavior.


The feeds of people of the Libra sign are usually very bright and positive. You can also easily notice their artistic side on the photos. They often share photos with their significant other and their romantic moments. Though they have lots of friends, they don’t use social media as much as Leos do.


There are Scorpios who use social media excessively, and those who even forget they have an account. Whatever they decide to write, they do it with a style. Their comments and quotes are always witty and unique and that’s what people like about them. it’s no surprise their posts always get many likes.

Zodiac signs and social media behavior.


Those under the Sagittarius sign think social networking is all about fun and enjoyment. If you see in your feeds the personality test results, that person must be a Sagittarius. They enjoy writing humorous comments on their friends’ posts and share funny videos. In a word, they like to keep people entertained.


Capricorns believe their posts are reflection of their personality. They are overly concerned with how other people see them, which explains why they are very cautious about what they air to the public. Seems like Capricorns take social media too seriously. Loosen up Goats and have some fun!

Zodiac signs and social media behavior.


They are the complete opposite of the Capricorns. They post anything, and don’t care what anyone else has to say about it. Aquarius are very active on social media, but they can also not check their account for months.


Being creative by nature Pisces tend to show their originality in different ways. Their posts are usually very inspirational to others. Since they don’t enjoy being the centre of attention, you can rarely see them alone in their photos. Pisces like to post photos where they are with their friends and family.

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