For all December babies….

Happy Birthday December babies!

It’s December and your birthday is getting closer. It’s definitely one of the most special months of the year, time we get into Christmas spirit. But also time when we spend lots of money on presents and decorations, or even Christmas trips.

If you are one of the December babies, you often engage yourself in the same conversation over and over again. Like: “Really, you are a Sagittarius? When exactly is your birthday?”, or “Wow, your birthday is so close to Christmas, so cool..”. When you say you are born in December, people often mention someone else born in December too. They even try to make you feel great about the date you already feel god about.

This is how people respond when you tell them your birthday is Dec. 1 to Dec. 5:

“Oh! OK, that’s not even close to the holidays!”

“I know a friend who is born on the 22nd, that’s like even worse.”

Are you one of many December babies?

If your birthday is Dec. 6 to Dec. 11:

“So, it’s like two weeks from Christmas.”

December babies are born in one special month.

“Ugh, my Ex is born on the 9th of December.”

December babies are very cool people.

If your birthday is Dec.12 to Dec. 18:

“Boy, it’s almost a week or two before Christmas!”

December babies are born teachers.

” I guess you always have a problem with joint presents.”

For all December babies.

If your birthday is Dec. 19 to Dec. 24:

“Jeez, that’s really close to Christmas! I have to figure out how to surprise her.”

December babies tend to share the knowledge and wisdom they have.

“Joint presents are the worst, don’t you think?”

Happy Birthday to all December babies.

If your birthday is Dec. 25 to Dec. 30

“I was born on Christmas Day, so…?”

Hey I am one of the sexiest December babies.

“I can’t understand how someone can forget your birthday.”

Sagittarius are born in December.

And if your birthday is Dec. 31:

“Yes, I prepared something special for my boyfriend’s birthday.”

How people respond when you tell them you are one of the December babies.

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