Every scent evokes a mood, a memory and an attitude. 

It comes as no surprise that we sometimes spend hours and hours searching for the perfect signature fragrance. We are aware that the perfume we choose tells a lot about our personality, about who we are. These days many people look toward the stars to learn more about their personal style, make up and fragrance. There are certain fragrance notes you are likely more drawn to than others, depending on your defining characteristics.


According to New Orleans-based psychic, astrologer and medium Cari Roy: “Wearing a scent that corresponds to your star sign brings out your best qualities. Using a scent that empowers you will give you the will to push your strengths forward.”

With that in mind, we provide you with the list of the perfumes of the zodiac. Find out which scent is best for you.


Personality traits: confident, strong, daring, rebellious.

Aries people are always on the go. They need a perfume that will last all day long and will make an impression on the person they speak to. Their eccentric personality comes first, and their fragrance choice only adds to it. A gentle, yet intriguing floral perfume is a good choice. Try : Versace Crystal Noir

Perfumes of the zodiac- Aries.


Personality traits: strong-willed, lavish, sensuous, opulent

More than any other sign, Taurus women appreciate glamour and finer things in life. They are always drawn to sophisticated and elegant scents. They’d choose something musky or woody rather than a floral perfume. Taureans need a fragrance that will uplift their mood and spirits. Try: Tom Ford Violet Blonde

Perfumes of the zodiac- Taurus.


Personality traits: original, quirky, witty, clever

Fresh laundry scent seems like an odd choice for a quick-witted Gemini. This type of perfume simply doesn’t match their personality. They don’t need strong scents to stand out from the crowd. Clean Warm Cotton would be a perfect choice for Geminis.

Find your signature scent. These are the perfumes of the zodiac.


Personality traits: romantic, emotional, domestic, traditional

Highly emotional and nurturing, sensitive crabs need a fragrance that will uplift them from their hopeless romantic mood. The classic scent of Chanel No. 5 will make them fall in love with it.

Cancers find their signature scent. These are the perfumes of the zodiac.


Personality traits: entertaining, playful, dramatic, humorous

They enjoy being the center of attention and tend to boast all the time. So anything rich and daring would fit the bill for the Leo. A bold fragrance such as Gucci Guilty would perfectly correspond to their nature.

These are the perfumes of the zodiac. Gucci Guilty is the perfect fragrance for Cancers.


Personality traits: practical, detail-oriented, perfectionist, reserved

Virgos are perfectionist and very hard to please. Their intense nature is triggered especially when things are not where they are supposed to be. However, as an Earth sign, Virgo loves anything that is unisex, androgynous and natural. Bvlgari Eau Parfumee White Tea is a great choice for them.

These are the perfumes of the zodiac.


Personality traits: balanced, refined, elegant, graceful

People under this zodiac sign don’t like confrontation. They are easygoing and approachable. A Libra woman is also an epitome of class and femininity. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and similar floral fragrances will top their list.

These are the perfumes of the zodiac. Floral fragrances are best for Libra.


Personality traits: sexual, mysterious, intense, dark

This extremely sexual sign is a real magnet to men. Anything that is out of the ordinary, spicy or off the edge will attract them. They should choose something like Dior Hypnotic Poison. 

These are the perfumes of the zodiac. Dior Hypnotic Poison are a great choice for Scorpios.


Personality traits: adventurous, optimistic, humorous, straightforward

A scent that would perfectly fit their adventurous and outgoing nature is definitely something exotic. A sweet blend of tropical fruits and musk is sure to entice the free spirit of the traveler of the zodiac.

These are the perfumes of the zodiac.


Personality traits: ambitious, level-headed, focused, practical

Capricorn is Zodiac’s most responsible sign. Women under this sign also tend to display their sensual side. They never choose strong perfumes. After all, they are always at the office and can’t indulge in too intense fragrances.  Try: Clinique Aromatics Elixir. 

These are the perfumes of the zodiac. Clinique Aromatics Elixir is a perfect choice for Capricorns.


Personality traits: free spirit, creative, artistic, innovative

The most creative and artistic sign of all, Aquarius would choose fragrance with a wild blend of Juniper berries, yuzu (a citrus fruit) and saffron. They should try: Joya Composition No. 6 Parfum

These are the perfumes of the zodiac. Aquarius


Personality traits: dreamy, imaginative, ethereal, artistic

A Pisces woman is intensely sensitive and nostalgic sign, and as such needs to feel connected to spiritual energy. They are also the most soothed when they are by water. An aquatic scent of Armani Acqua Di Gioia would perfectly fit their dreamy character.

These are the perfumes of the zodiac.Armani Acqua Di Gioia is best for Pisces.

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