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10 Stunning Photos of Beautiful Budapest

With stunning architecture, spectacular views and a distinguished culture, Budapest definitely lives up to its stellar reputation. It is one of the most beautiful European cities, a city you will fall in love immediately.

The city is literally divided in two, Buda is on one side of the Danube and Pest on the other. The river itself used to be the border of the Roman Empire. The city was like a crossroads of the Eastern and Western worlds. But the Romans were not the only ones who left their mark, there were the Celts, the Mongols, the Ottoman Turks as well.

However most of what you see in Budapest today are from the period of Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was the period of wealth and accumulated power when the city became one of the world’s greatest.

On either side of the Danube, both Buda and Pest are wonderful to wander round. And the combination will provide a memorable short break any time of year. From the House of Parliament, Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge to the Szechenyi bath house, there’s definitely a lot to see in beautiful Budapest.

The Chain Bridge

Built in the mid 1800’s the Chain Bridge was the first permanent bridge to connect the Buda and Pest sides of Budapest. It is also the longest suspension bridge in Europe and one of the biggest city’s attractions.

stunning photos of beautiful Budapest will take your breath away
Beautiful Budapest must be on your bucket list.


The Hungarian Parliament

The House of the Nation is the second largest parliament building in Europe. The parliament was finally finished in 1902 after twenty years of construction. It is one of the most photographed landmarks in the city. Either from Buda Castle or the Fisherman’s Bastion the view of the parliament is stunning.

Stunning photos of beautiful Budapest will take your breath away.

Fisherman’s Bastion

It was constructed between 1895 and 1902 as a public space and viewpoint over the city and never for defensive purposes. The Fisherman’s Bastion is made up of 7 towers, representing the 7 Magyar tribes that founded the nation. 

Stunning photos of beautiful Budapest will take your breath away.

Budapest Castle Hill Funicular

It was originally constructed in the late 19th century as a way for workers on Budapest’s Castle Hill to commute. Today the funicular offers panoramic views for visitors to the city.

Breathtaking view of the Chain Bridge from the Gellert Hill in Budapest.

Heroes Square

Located at the end of Budapest’s main shopping street, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes Square is a Unesco World Heritage site. The square can get very busy during the day. So if you want a perfect shot of the monument, you will have to arrive early in the morning or wait till the evening.


Shoes on the Danube

The sculpture is a work of Gyula Pauer and his friend Can Togay. It is the sad reminder of what happened to the Hungarian Jews during the World War II. Shoes were very valuable at that time, so the victims were asked to take them off before the execution. Each pair is modeled after actual shoes of the time.


Széchenyi Bath & Spa

There are many bathhouses In Budapest, but the most popular of them all is Széchenyi Baths. The complex consists of hot springs, both outdoor and indoor pools, saunas, steam rooms and spa treatments. When in Budapest, do not forget to visit this place.


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