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Hank the Newfoundland with the Craziest Hairdos

Meet Hank the Newfoundland dog with the craziest hairstyles.

Meet Hank the Newfoundland, one of the most photogenic dogs you have ever seen. You are bored and don’t know what to do during the lockdown. Well, be creative, think of something interesting to do or find a new hobby. ...

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Animals On The Streets During Coronavirus Quarantine

Nature can finally take a breath. If there is anything good that can come out of this situation it is a significant drop in air pollution levels. Images taken by the European Space Agency’s satellite Sentinel-5 show best how these measures ...

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Meet Coco The Cutest Maltese Ever

With her button eyes Coco is a real beauty and probably the cutest Maltese ever.

This is Coco the cutest Maltese ever. She gets super cute when standing on her back feet with her paws up. She was taught this trick by her owner Katee Lauchner. Seems like she really enjoys every time she does ...

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Funny Siberian Husky That Will Brighten Your Day

This funny Siberian husky will put a smile on your face. Looks like he enjoys playing in leaves.

Adventures of a funny Siberian husky! source The pure joy this dog is having is just priceless. You can see him having lots of fun running around like crazy and jumping on the pile of leaves. This is a fun loving ...

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20 Super Cute Sloth Photos

20 super cute sloth photos will put a smile on your face.

These sloths are probably the happiest sloths in the world. They are well taken care of sloths who sleep in warm and comfy beds. If you think you can cuddle only with your dog or cat, you are wrong. Sloths ...

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This is a compilation of cute animals doing yoga.

You need a yoga teacher? Maybe these cute animals can show you some moves. We are definitely not the only ones who know something about this ancient spiritual and physical practice. Looks like animals are even better at doing some yoga ...

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These are 25 adorable smiling dogs.

Our list of 25 most adorable smiling dogs will definitely put a smile on your face.   YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: SMILING ANIMALS THAT WILL BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY They are cute and hilariously funny at the same time. Just can’t ...

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Watch the video about the funny dogs who can't figure out stairs.

Sometimes running up the stairs is not a problem for our four-legged friends. But, getting their way back down can be quite challenging. They are too big for their little legs to manage. This of course refers to puppies. But what ...

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Funny animal selfies

As a huge animal lover, I can only admire this guy for what he is doing. Allan Dixon is truly an animal whisperer. We remember him for his cute quokka selfie ever taken. It’s amazing to see how comfortable animals feel around him. ...

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