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Hank the Newfoundland with the Craziest Hairdos

Meet Hank the Newfoundland, one of the most photogenic dogs you have ever seen.

You are bored and don’t know what to do during the lockdown. Well, be creative, think of something interesting to do or find a new hobby. Read an inspiring book, or just play with your dog. Yes, you can either play with him or just explain him that he is going to become a famous model. You are going to make him some funny hairdos, so he must be patient. Just unleash your creativity.

Today many people are forced to stay home and work from home. So are Hank’s owners. Luckily, the couple has found the perfect way to deal with stress. They have been doing some crazy hairdos on their adorable Newfie Hank. And he is absolutely fine with that. Hank is just another proof that this breed is well-known for their patience, loyalty and affection.

Hank enjoys the attention he gets from his mom and dad. Seems like they all love taking these “Hank breaks”, as they like to call it. No doubt they have found a great way to lift each other’s spirits.

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Hope the photos of Hank the Newfoundland will put a smile on your face today.

1. Hank Hairstyles! Day #7 (Pity the fool who tries to leave this house)

This is Hank the Newfoundland with the craziest hairdos.

2. Hank Hairstyles! Day #1

Hi, my name is Hank the Newfoundland and I like when my mom is trying some crazy hairstyles on me.

3. Hank Hairstyles! Day #11 (Self-care Sunday)

This is Hank the Newfoundland dog with the funniest hairstyles.

4. Hank Hairstyles! Day #6 (Back to the Stone Age. Stay in your cave!)

5. Hank Hairstyles! Day #4 (Sunday Brunch)

6. Hank Hairstyles! Day #13 (Call me now for your free tarot card reading’!)

7. Hank Hairstyles! Day #12 (Moving into Monday!)

8. Hank Hairstyles! Day #9 (Feeling like a Cast Away)

9. Hank Hairstyles! Day #8 (Kiss the cook)

Meet Hank the Newfoundland dog with the craziest hairstyles.

10. Hank Hairstyles! Day #2

Meet Hank the Newfoundland dog with the craziest hairstyles.

For more follow Hank on his Instagram account @hank_hairstyles

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