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10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe You Must Visit

There are many beautiful cities in Europe that is so hard to make a short list of them. Frankly, the list is endless. Or, imperfect by definition. There are exotic cities, or those influenced by classic Italian architecture, or cities ...

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Amazing Drone Footage of the Alps

We may be locked down in our home for some time, but we can still dream about the places we haven’t seen yet. Even more the videos of this kind are relaxing to watch. They can be a joyful distraction ...

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10 Stunning Photos of Beautiful Budapest

With stunning architecture, spectacular views and a distinguished culture, Budapest definitely lives up to its stellar reputation. It is one of the most beautiful European cities, a city you will fall in love immediately. The city is literally divided in ...

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Beautiful Italy Under Quarantine (Photos)

Beautiful Italy under quarantine seen in photos. This is how Italy looks today when the country is battling with one of the biggest epidemia of modern times

Once one of the most visited European destinations today looks like a ghost town. Due to the dramatic spread of Corona virus, the whole country is in complete lockdown. All the squares, restaurants, bars are absolutely deserted. Some say the ...

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Gorgeous Cook Islands

gorgeous cook islands

Blue-jeweled water, white beaches, lush forests, place with few tourists – yes, that’s the Cooks. The archipelago’s 15 islands lie flung between Samoa and French Polynesia. Instead of a french influence, the islands have strong ties to New Zealand. Gorgeous ...

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Best Beaches To Visit This Summer – Part 2

Best beaches to visit this summer. We suggest you Praia Dona Ana in Portugal.

Best beaches to visit this summer! Get ready for an epic summer vacation! The list continues… 11. Baia do Sancho, Brazil Baia do Sancho is located on the island Fernando de Noronha. You can only reach this amazing beach by boat ...

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Best Beaches To Visit This Summer – Part 1

Best beaches to visit this summer.

Best beaches to visit this summer! Get ready for an epic summer vacation! Start planning your dream vacation for this year. Whether you are seeking solitude or an urban beach to party all night long, we are sure you are going ...

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10 Best Travel Jobs in the World

One of the 10 best travel jobs in the world is to work on a cruise ship.

Majority of us spend hours a day sitting in our office chairs. Unfortunately, only few are satisfied in their jobs. If you don’t like your job and feel stuck in life, then it’s time to make a change. Don’t let your current profession take ...

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Things you didn’t know about the Colosseum in Rome

Colosseum in Rome was completed in 82 A.D.

The Colosseum in Rome is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture. After the Vatican City it is the second most visited place in Italy. Almost six million people from around the globe visit this monument each year. ...

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World’s Top 10 Hotels With Rooftop Pools

Perivolas hotel in Greece is one of the world's best hotels with rooftop pools

Next time you are about to book a hotel for your upcoming trip, choose one with a rooftop. Taking a good night swim while your favorite cocktail is waiting for you will make your stay unforgettable. Pool parties are popular especially if they ...

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