Find out about the power colors of the zodiac signs and their amazing healing abilities.

I am sure you would agree with me that colors do affect our moods and feelings. You have probably noticed that when you feel bad, you tend to choose clothes with light colors. Very often this method of getting some energy boost really helps. When you walk into a room with bright and vivid colors, it seems like you forget about all the things that bother you. That is the moment when you sense only positive energy around, when you feel surprisingly relaxed and happy.

What we wear tells a lot about our personality traits, but also about how we feel. By knowing our star sign better, we will know the color we feel most comfortable with.


The color that corresponds best to their energetic and fiery personality is red. This color represents power and passion. Since Aries is all about the action, red is the perfect color that will start their engines. It helps them in their dark moments and gives them enough energy to share with anyone in need.

Tip: Wearing red increases good luck.

Power colors of the Zodiac- Ariessource


Their governing color is green. They usually feel good about wearing deep “foresty” shades of green and other earth tones. The color symbolizes family and unity and tells about their sensitive soul and how much they love life.

Tip: Wearing green increases harmony.

Power colors of the Zodiac- Taurussource


Geminis often choose bright colors which explain their energetic and cheerful character. From a lovely lemon yellow to all shades of orange, everything works for them. That’s how they express their sociability and communication skills.

Tip: Wearing yellow or orange uplifts their mood and creates vitality.

Power colors of the Zodiac- Geminisource


Silver, pearl white and emerald green are the ruling colors for this Zodiac sign. These colors keep these sensitive and caring people at their best. They should definitely consider having these colors in the wardrobe.

Tip: Wearing white or milky white increases the sense of serenity.

Power colors of the Zodiac-Cancersource


Fierce and confident Leos like to dress up in light and bold colors. The colors which describe them best are gold, and shades of yellow and orange. But we have to mention purple as well, since it is traditionally associated with royalty. Pale and pastel colors do not go well with Leo’s temperament.

Tip: Wearing gold, orange or purple will increases their chances of coming into spotlight.

Power colors of the Zodiac-Leosource


The colors that appeal best to intelligent and analytic Virgos are pastel and pale shadows of all colors. They can wear from peach or olive green, to a light blue or light pink. Red is definitely the color they should avoid, since it is not in harmony with their personality.

Tip: Wearing any shade of green or light pink turn their negative energy into something good.

Power colors of the Zodiac-Virgosource 


Their ruling color is blue, which symbolizes balance and harmony. If you are a Libra you would surely enjoy wearing royal or baby blue, aquamarine or turquoise color.

Tip: Having a blue jacket, or a blue sweater in a wardrobe is a must.

Power colors of the Zodiac- Librasource


Scorpio has such a powerful character and the color that reflects it best is definitely red, crimson red.  They are so passionate about everything they do. Other than red, black is the color that portrays best the mystery and secretness of this zodiac sign.

Tip: They should wear crimson red more often, it will bring fire to their lives.

Power colors of the Zodiac-Scorpiosource


They have affinity for yellow and orange colors, which symbolize optimism and brightness. But they also enjoy wearing colors of judgement such as dark blue.

Tip: Wear yellow or dark blue on every Thursday

Power colors of the Zodiac-Sagittariussource


Ambitious Capricorns prefer Earth tones-khaki or brown, but they also wear charcoal grey and black-white combinations. They are lovers of traditional patterns and conventional style.

Tip: If they are unsure about what to wear, they should choose something black-it looks perfect on them.

Power colors of the Zodiac-Capricornsource


Best choice for Aquarius is violet, it expresses their sensitivity and dreamy character. Violet can be very energizing too and can easily help them come out of their shell.

Tip: Wearing violet or navy blue will increase their creativity and intuitive powers.

Power colors of the Zodiac-Aquariussource


Ruling colors of this sign are mauve, blue, light yellow and lavender. These colors best show their gentle and sensitive personality. They should avoid green since it has a negative impact on their mood.

Tip:  Wear light yellow and stay always positive.

Power colors of the Zodiac-Piscessource




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