How superstitious is your star sign exactly?  Just like any other aspect of our lives is influenced by stars, so is our behavior towards superstition.  Ever wondered why you are that type of person that believes in omens: walking under ladders, throwing salt over your right shoulder or jumping backwards when black cat crosses your path. Are these character traits in some manner predicted by the stars?

Let’s find out which are the most superstitious star signs:


Is Aries one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Aries tend to get superstitious, but to a certain extent. They see life as a heroic marathon, and certain bad luck is inevitable in their way. So, when things go wrong for Aries they are more prone to blame others than themselves. One of the superstitions that Aries will believe is that if their ears itch or “burn”, someone is talking about them! This comes as no surprise, since they consider themselves number one of the whole astrological family! People like to talk about them a lot!


Is Taurus one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Taurus is known to be a realistic person. They believe in science based proofs rather than the power of magic that will affect your life. But all of this rational thinking will be thrown under, when Taurus is dealing with food. You can see them pushing their spoon through the egg shell when they have done eating it, just to let the devil out!  As an Earth Sign, Taurus has a strong intuitive connection to nature. So when they see leaves falling down they are sure winter is coming!


Is Gemini one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Geminis, a.k.a the sign always in denial, are the last people to admit they are superstitious. They value theories, ideas, and pure logic. The only thing for which they can present certain level of superstition is the significance of dreams. They always attempt to interpret their dreams and find out their true meaning.


Is Cancer one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Cancers are the most sensitive sign of the Zodiac. However, they almost never admit their beliefs. Their real opinions regarding superstitions will be told only to their closest friends, but never in the full extent. Cancers value their homes and their family life, so breaking a mirror would mean seven years of bad luck for them.


Is Leo one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Leos are one of the most superstitious star signs. By nature they express intense emotions that encourage them to believe in the occult. Leos are quite superstitious about cats. If a black cat crosses their path, they would turn round and walk another way home. Paradoxically, Leos also show affinity with black cats, making them their favorite pets.


Is Virgo one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Virgo is the sign known to be logical. They are neat freaks and for that matter, superstitious beliefs are too chaotic for their taste. The only thing they would have superstitions about would be if dust and dirt are not swept out the front door after the sun goes down. They believe it would bring them bad luck. This is the reason why you see a Virgo with a duster polishing up their home like there was no tomorrow.


Is Libra one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Libras can be superstitious but in their own harmonious way. They do tend to “knock on wood” when they feel something is not working as it should. Relationships of any kind are very important to them. making them superstitious about weddings. For that reason, on their wedding day they will wear “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!” just in case!


Is Scorpio one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Scorpios are naturally superstitious mainly because they are so focused on their well-being. They will show their superstitions by wearing amber beads as a protection of their health as they whisper private prayers to themselves.  They will also choose crystals and pendants to enhance their personal vibrations. Jade will be the choice for a Scorpio mainly because they believe it cools down their sometimes vengeful hearts with its pure green love vibes.


Is Sagittarius one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Sagittarius lead their life as it comes. Their existence is a challenge mainly because of their clumsy nature, so superstitions are not something they take in consideration. They will maybe get a horseshoe for good luck, but won’t consider it as a valid proof for happiness.


Is Capricorn one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Capricorns are similar to Virgos in the aspect of superstitions – they are reasonable and rarely take superstitions that seriously. You will see them blowing out all the candles on their birthday cake in one breath, as it could be true that if you do luck will come your way. But, that is as far they will go!


Is Aquarius one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Aquarius will show no interest in superstitions, but privately they find them intriguing. They believe that dropping a fork on the ground means a man is coming to visit. The Aquarian lady would drop a few of them, hoping to find a boyfriend. When it comes to Friday the 13th, they will whisper a little prayer as they get up in the morning, just in case.


Is Pieces one of the most superstitious star signs?Source

Pisces live their life by superstitions. The entire above mentioned are practiced by the Pieces. This is also one of the most superstitious star signs, which bases his/her decisions on bad or good omens of the day.

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