Read about what scares you most, about your greatest fears. The sooner you become aware of the things that cause you great uneasiness, the better you will cope with them. Scientists have been studying the fears of Zodiac signs for a long time. After many years of research, every phobia finally got its specific and scientific term.


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Aries

As one of the most active signs, you would rarely see an Aries doing nothing. They are warriors, heroes and very dynamic people, so their biggest fears are Kathisophobia and Paralipophobia, the fear of sitting down and the fear of neglecting their duties and responsibilities (respectively).


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Taurus

Taurus is the most sluggish and most apathetic sign of all. Every “Bull” wants comfort and luxury so much that it can lead to laziness and even gluttony. Those under the sign of Taurus easily fall in love with something they really want. Their most common fears are Kinesophobia-the fear of moving too much and Tropophobia-the fear of change.


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Gemini

We all know that Geminis constantly find themselves in complex and twisted situations. It happens that they change their decisions, opinions, choices and promises because they don’t want to stick to them. As great manipulators it is possible that very often they do that on purpose. However, they also have their weaknesses and that is Decideophobia-the fear of making decisions. They are afraid to pick only one thing and settle with it. After all they are “twins” that are constantly arguing what to choose, and every Gemini knows that they both have good ideas and wishes.


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Cancer

Cancer is a very emotional, caring and generous sign, that enjoys the comfort and safety of their home. Take a Cancer out of their safe zone and you will witness an instant fear on their faces- fear of leaving a safe place called Agoraphobia. Also they are very concerned with their health to the point of being hypochondriacs, so Panthophobia, the fear of getting a disease follows them everywhere.


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Leo

The “Lions” are the most self-centered people. They always want the spot light on them and want to be praised. Most of the Leos are successful in life, because the fear of failure Atyzchiphobia is so strong that it builds up their ambition to the sky. When they don’t get the attention they think they deserve, they become even more motivated.  So the fear of being forgotten or ignored Athazagoraphobia, drives them to almost certain success. Except, of course, if they don’t handle their ambition properly and it becomes the reason for their total destruction.


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Virgo

Virgo is always clean and extremely organized. They are true perfectionists that even the smallest fault in something can trigger their negative emotions and despair. Their usual fears are Ataxophobia, Atelophobia and Automysophobia, the fears of disorder and untidiness, imperfection and being disorganized. Their perfectionism makes them control-freaks, and you wouldn’t want to be in their presence if something goes wrong (God forbid if you spill coffee on their carpet). Remember Monica from “Friends”? That’s a typical example of a Virgo.


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Libra

Libra is a sign that represents the element air. Libras are intelligent, loving, and passionate persons. It would be difficult for them to imagine their life without their partner.That is exactly where their most profound fears come from, the fear of being left alone and the fear of Isolation, Autophobia or Isolophobia.


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Scorpio

Scorpios are very complex people, they are dark and deep and very emotional. They are control-freaks and very often obsessive or anxious. Catagelophobia is the fear of being ridiculed and laughed at, and because of their emotional character they take everything to heart. When in situation when they have to face their weaknesses they get very emotional and frightened.


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Sagittaurus

The wildest and most adventurous of them all, the Sagittarius can’t be easily tamed. Everyday tasks, rules and duties destroy their vivid nature and personality. Hypengyophobia-the fear of responsibility and Claustrophobia-the fear of confined spaces are the things that scare the Sagittarius most. With conquering these fears, they reach their full potential.


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Capricorn

Capricorns are practical, ambitious, disciplined and  business-minded. They can spend hours in their homes or offices, working on their ideas and making plans. They don’t necessarily need the company of other people and they do enjoy their solitude. So, Agoraphobia might suit them best. It is a fear of leaving your safe and comfortable place, your hideout.


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Aquarius

The thick-headed Aquarius will rarely listen to anybody and will stick to their ideas no matter what. Being institutionalized or branded is the scariest thing for them. So, if they could, they would rather skip school (Didaskaleinophobia), work (Ergophobia) or even marriage (Gamophobia).


Zodiac signs and their greatest fears- Pisces

Pisces rarely want to share their thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. That’s why they will hide “deep in the water” and won’t mix with others if they don’t have the need to. Their greatest fear is Glossophobia-the fear of speaking in public.


Photo credits: Damon Hellandbrand


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